Who's a Spoonie?

With all the talk about cultural appropriation lately, I'm hesitant to wear Kokopelli earrings or eat at the Chinese buffet. I understand that some people object to Canadians playing Englishmen who are pretending to be Japanese for a production of The Mikado is offensive or racist. I don't always agree, but I understand the principle involved. Even I, a WASP, find Mickey Rooney's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's to be egregious, appalling, and insulting to everyone involved, including the audience....more
Showbiz_emelle coburn_janet I'm just glad I could help.more

Is Bipolar Disorder an "Invisible Illness"?

Yes and no....more

Survivors of Employment Discrimination Tend Not to Blog About It

I posted the following in one of my (neglected) blogs today:Why people don't blog about discrimination   ...more

Invisible Illness - Understanding? Obviously NOT!

Hello again and thanks everyone for reading! Well over 1000 blog views since my first post last week!...more

Pain in the EVERYWHERE!!! - Chronic Pain

 As I said in 'From the start' the worst and most annoying symptom of HMS is the chronic pain. Well for me it is anyway....more

My story 'From the start' - Living with Hypermobility Syndrome

Well!! Where to start!!As you'll see from my profile I suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome, also known as Elhers Danlos Syndrome  (type III) in my case - I'll refer to this as HMS/EDS from now on. (Save on the typing!)...more

Invisible Illness Challenge in honor of Invisible Illness week

One of my dearest friends is suffering from this silent pain. She is attempting different ...more

Two Birds, One Stone: Happy Birthday TDC & Day Of Visibility

Just a quick post to let you know about two exciting (especially for we of the dodgy body brigade) events this week. ...more

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

  September 14-20 is  National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. Why is this awareness needed? Read more about invisible illness and awareness ...more