Why can't the moon be a ball? How you see things can change everything.

Q and Daddy discuss Moon vs Ball.“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin...more

Relationships in the Age of Autism

Dear (no longer?)Friend and Neighbor: Since you have ignored my husband's recent request to sit down and talk with us, I have decided to write what I had hoped we could discuss one last time to help you understand that your actions have hurt our family.  I also think that was has happened between us is not an isolated incident.  I know many other special needs families who have had friends turn their backs on them. ...more

Banishing Mommy Guilt

A few days ago an article was published on MSNBC about a study that claims that the risk of Autism goes up three fold if a child is conceived within 12 months after the birth of a previous child. The article infuriated me. As I read, all I could hear was "It's all your fault" over and over in my head. My two kids are just shy of 16 months apart....more

My Child Is Not To Blame

To the mommy who felt that my little guy's behavior was negatively influencing her child,...more

A Block to Autistic Self Advocacy

If you haven't already heard, a delay has happened in the confirmation of autistic self-advocate Ari Ne'eman's nomination to the National Council on Disability, the youngest nominee in US history. As Ari has demonstrated, age is not a barrier to experience....more

It Takes a Village to Create a Monster

My kindergartener Mali has become openly rude and defiant. To me, to other parents, to teachers, to other children. It's not just upsetting, it's horrifying. I blame you. ...more

I'm glad my blog post resonated with you; I think you make an excellent point in ...more