Itching for a New iPhone? News and Reviews of the iPhone 4

The eager early adopters already have that new iPhone4 in hand. If you have an iPhone 3, you can upgrade your 3rd generation iPhone to iOS 4 the next time you hook up to iTunes. ...more

I'm not a lefty, but I never have a bit of trouble with my iPhone, either.

Virginia DeBolt

iPhone 4 Review - A Mom's Perspective

As has been previously established, I'm a geek, a nerd. To earn one of the Geek Badges, you absolutely have to have a new technology toy tool on the day it's released. It's just a requirement. Waiting in line for more than two hours gets you the gold hashmark annotation for your badge. Alas, I won't be getting that golden hashmark, but I gots me the New Tech Geek Badge....more