iPads Apps for Scrapbooking

 An easy way to scrapbook on the go is to use your iPad. Why not grab a few pictures and create a quick page? Here are a couple apps I use to make scrapbook pages on my iPad. Scrap Pad - Scrap Pad has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to use. There are many kits from which to choose papers, borders & embellishments. It is easy to drag and drop your pictures as well as the papers and embellishments on to the page. You can even use different kits on the same page....more

Picky Kid's Toddler App Review Roundup 4

Are you looking for fun and educational iPad games to play with your 2-4 year old? Here's what the Picky Kids think of 10 more apps for kids. This is the fourth in a series of our reviews of iPad apps for toddlers. There are some great apps in this set, so enjoy!...more
For even more apps, see our previous ...more

Square For iPad Review

I recently bought an iPad, which has both limitations and benefits, but this review is about an iPad accessory. The Square credit card reader is high on my list today. I did some tasting appointments today, and when you get to the end and the client says "I'd like to book...do you take credit cards?" I can now tell them that yes, I do. ...more

God Help Me, I Bought An iPad

This is the third time that I've written this and it keeps getting eaten by a 404 error code, so I'll make it short this time... I bought an iPad with the intention of using it as a more mobile device for my business, and after using it for a day I've come to the conclusion that it's a shiny thing that's pretty useless without a ton of apps. ...more

6 Free iPhone Apps to Get Tiny Techies Learning Outdoors

My educational philosophy is that a genuine, physical connection generates the best learning opportunities. Children can use all of their sense to explore, ask questions, and perform experiments in the giant laboratory of the natural world. ...more

just downloaded Project Noah for Charlie.



Share Personalized Puzzle Games Made From Your Own Photos on your iPhone!

For people who enjoy playing puzzle games and sharing photos, there's a new iPhone app called StarFaces that combines the two activities in one slick package.  The StarFaces app enables you to play and share personalized puzzle games made from your own photos. Link to About Starfaces page with complete copy, video, screenshots.Link to download the app...more

Maybe I DO need an iPad after all

So I've mostly pooh-poohed the idea of the iPad - I mean sure, they look really cool and fun to play with and stuff, but did I NEED one? No. I've got 2 pcs and a netbook. I can't afford an iPhone or any kind of smart phone, but I haven't really noticed that I'm missing out on anything except playing Angry Birds or word games and frankly I don't have time for that anyway. But then today, I saw that the iPad has apps for disabled kids. I teared up at the thought that after 15 years, I might finally be able to communicate with my non-verbal son. ...more

You're damn right he ordered the Code Red!

Men, you can thank Mike for this post. He's got your back -- and your wives', um, fronts?Boys, we know you live in fear of your woman every 28 days of so. You never know when to stock up on chocolate and hide the knives versus when you can actually engage us in rationale, unemotional conversation and touch our boobs without us screaming at you.Guess what? No mas, mis amigos!...more