Easy Blog Commenting from Your Mobile Device

Did you make "comment more" one of your resolutions for 2014? Are you reading most blogs on a mobile device such as your phone or tablet? Then you need Schmutzie's extremely helpful tutorial to create shortcuts on your phone so it auto-fills information such as your name, blog title, and blog URL. ...more
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Autism and iPad in the Exam Room

Several of my patients have Autism. They vary exactly where they are on the spectrum. Most of them have some form of anxiety at office visits; for some, it is severe. Of course, many children Have anxiety around doctors. in fact, surgeons have noticed that the iPad has become a great anxiety reducer....more

Ipads for Toddlers

I have one friend on facebook with a daughter who is under the age of two. She is constantly posting pictures of her daughter playing with her Ipad and writing comments like "I told her she needed a break from her Ipad and now she is screaming. So cute how much she loves that thing." She even bought an expensive thick case to protect the thing for when her daughter throws it across the room. Is anyone as bothered by this as I am?...more

Lauren’s Favorite Apps

Lauren has had an iPad since Thanksgiving. Since then, we have downloaded several apps, mostly free, for her to try. I wanted most of them to be semi-educational, since she loves to be on her iPad. We also use it as a motivator to get her to do things like pick up her toys, dress herself and go potty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.Her favorite apps at the moment are Endless Alphabet, PBS Parents Play & Learn, Netflix, & most of the Toca Boca apps, specifically the Toca Kitchen & Toca House apps. Click on each photo to go to iTunes....more

Are Today's Toddlers the Generation iToddler?

Some question the use of apps in children's daily routine finding it too close to its ancient sibling-the video game, I however embrace it. People say it strays away from parent & child interaction.  This theory, in my opinion, is based on fear-fear of change, fear of a fast-growing technological generation that does anything and everything with a click of a button or more appropriately-a tap of a finger....more
Here's a list of my toddler's favorite learning apps! ...more

The Cat in the Hat Color and Create iPad App

Confetti Cannon. Enough Said!  The High-Tech Home...more

Cool ways to dress-up your iPad

  I don’t know if you are like me – but I’m so in love with my iPad – I can’t...more

Tablet Takeover: Why the iPad Went Mini

Steve Jobs was a strong believer that for the purpose of design and usability, tablet sizes shouldn’t be smaller than 10 inches. Why then has Apple steered away from Jobs’s stern vision and released the new 7.9 inch iPad Mini? While the original iPad was a proactive device that spearheaded a brand new tablet market, the iPad Mini is reactive to the multitude of tablet sizes currently on the market. Let’s break it down:...more