Marble Jar: Goal setting app review

A representative from Marble Jar sent me an email about 2 weeks back asking if I could review their new app for the iPhone and iPad. After a bit of back and forth getting me a promo code for the app and my little holiday to beat the heat with Jack in my parents’ air conditioned home, I am back at home and ready to write the review.I’m writing this as I play with the app on my iPad. I don’t have an iPhone so this review will focus on the iPad experience....more

Hi Anna - thanks again for your response. I like how you are responding to this in a very open ...more

Special Needs Community Outrage: Where are the Marissa's Bunny iPads?

I spent yesterday morning at a local university, participating in an autism study. Part of the study was an interview about my experience as an autism parent -- including whether there were any benefits to my son Leo's autism diagnosis. "Absolutely," was my immediate reply, "We have become part of an amazing community -- full of people who support, understand, and trust each other unreservedly." But what happens when someone in our special needs parenting community abuses that trust? That's what many of us are worried about, after the Marissa's Bunny Foundation solicited donations from parents of kids with special needs for the chance to win iPads -- and those iPads never materialized....more
@Chrisphil129 I have publicly withdrawn my support for A4CWSN due to Gary's extremely ...more

iPad Destruction and Salvation

Can you tell what this picture is? It is a *sob* broken iPad screen. Completely shattered. Ruined. With tiny flecks of glass scattered across it, as if to expressly dash any hopes of Leo using the device despite the damage....more

Most welcome. I have been very pleased to hear how many people they do this for. And I would ...more

Writing an iTunes App Description

Getting an app out the door can be a mad dash to the finish. After the beta testing, bug fixing, and feature decisions have taken place – the creator of the app is faced with the next step: uploading the app to iTunes Connect and filling out the metadata for the iTunes App Description....more

Is Your iPhone tracking you? The facts, risks, and solutions

 A "stalker" file on iPhones and 3G iPads running on iOS 4 tracks where you are along with a time stamp and saves it on your device for a year or more. The news of this tracking issue was released yesterday....more

How Many High-Tech Devices Does One Household Need?


I had thought about trying to gather all of ours into one room for a photo, but I chickened ...more

What to read before you buy your iPad 2

If you read my blog, then it is no surprise I love almost everything about my iPad. Sadly, I do not have the iPad 2–yet. The timing of the launch of the new iPad 2 conveniently fits the shopping deadline for my daughter's upcoming birthday. (And fortunately we like to share gadgets.)...more

My Son the Top-Secret Apple iPad Project

    I didn't know Leo, my son with autism, would be appearing on the screen behind Steve Jobs at yesterday's Apple iPad special event in San Francisco, not until I saw a screenshot of Leo on Engadget's event liveblog, followed by blogger Joshua Toplosky's remark, "Man this is actually really emotional ... Damn you Apple for making everyone here cry about the iPad." ...more

Shannon, this is the coolest. You made me cry. I badly, badly want the iPad2. ...more

Social Media Fundraising FTW!

As I flew from San Francisco to San Diego last Friday afternoon, I was followed by an email from a woman named Mary. She had heard from @melle who had heard from @sassymonkey that I could possibly help get an iPad for Pierre, her non-verbal son with multiple special needs. Pierre had been using AAC/communication apps with his speech therapist, and even though his communication had shown real progress, his treatment hospital had stopped donating iPads to families in need. Mary knew how much Pierre needed an iPad, but told me her family was already financially strained by Pierre's out-of-pocket medical costs. Mary simply couldn't afford to buy Pierre the iPad herself. ...more
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The two gifts you WANT to have returned

The gifts of love and friendship.Always returnable, never a wait in line or a hassle at the counter.No rude salesclerks or paperwork to fill out....more