What to read before you buy your iPad 2

If you read my blog, then it is no surprise I love almost everything about my iPad. Sadly, I do not have the iPad 2–yet. The timing of the launch of the new iPad 2 conveniently fits the shopping deadline for my daughter's upcoming birthday. (And fortunately we like to share gadgets.)...more

My Son the Top-Secret Apple iPad Project

    I didn't know Leo, my son with autism, would be appearing on the screen behind Steve Jobs at yesterday's Apple iPad special event in San Francisco, not until I saw a screenshot of Leo on Engadget's event liveblog, followed by blogger Joshua Toplosky's remark, "Man this is actually really emotional ... Damn you Apple for making everyone here cry about the iPad." ...more

Shannon, this is the coolest. You made me cry. I badly, badly want the iPad2. ...more

Social Media Fundraising FTW!

As I flew from San Francisco to San Diego last Friday afternoon, I was followed by an email from a woman named Mary. She had heard from @melle who had heard from @sassymonkey that I could possibly help get an iPad for Pierre, her non-verbal son with multiple special needs. Pierre had been using AAC/communication apps with his speech therapist, and even though his communication had shown real progress, his treatment hospital had stopped donating iPads to families in need. Mary knew how much Pierre needed an iPad, but told me her family was already financially strained by Pierre's out-of-pocket medical costs. Mary simply couldn't afford to buy Pierre the iPad herself. ...more
@shannonrosa Thanks Shannon!more

The two gifts you WANT to have returned

The gifts of love and friendship.Always returnable, never a wait in line or a hassle at the counter.No rude salesclerks or paperwork to fill out....more

Did I Ruin My Girl By Giving Her a Nook?

When I wanted a new car for my sixteenth birthday, my parents told me they wouldn't give one to me even if they could. "If you get a new car now, what will you have to look forward to?" they said. I thought at the time it was one of those parent excuses that sound all lofty and idealistic but are really designed to cover up their own stinginess. ...more

You, I'm sure, are very proud of him -- and you should be. And good for you for bestowing those ...more

The most memorable gift of the year

Reverb10 challenges me today to write about the most memorable gift I've given or received in 2010. By far, it would have to be this, which is not an iPad: ...more

10 Fantastic iPad Apps for Kids With Autism

If you need a last-minute gift for a kid with autism, and that kid has an iDevice (iPad or iPod touch), consider hitting the iTunes store and gifting that child an app or two. Then, consider choosing apps that focus on fun as much as or even instead of communication and learning. Apps that encourage kids to use the iPad the way they want to, to play like the children they are. (Apps that just happen to all cost less than $3.)   ...more

Thanks for the great article. I have recently decided to combine my passions for children with ...more

E-Readers Versus Old Fashioned Books -- Which Is Greener?

A relatively new phenomenon is the E-Reader, be it Kindle, iPad, or a number of other new competitors coming into the marketplace. When you think about it, these devices would seem to be more environmentally friendly than your typical paper and cardboard book, even a paperback. Should we be buying our loved ones e-readers or traditional books this holiday season? ...more

Buying an E-Reader? Some Things You Need to Consider First

If you are considering buying yourself or someone you love an e-book reader, I'm sure you've seen articles that declare that one e-reader is better than another. The truth is that none of the e-readers that those articles are talking about are bad, it's just that some e-book readers are a better fit for some people. When you set out to purchase an e-reader you need to ask yourself lots of questions so you can figure out what kind of e-book reader you are before you buy. I'm not going to tell you which e-reader you should buy, but I'm going to tell you what you need to think about before you buy it. ...more
@Ashleigh Burroughs I think you might be surprised. I recently helped convert someone who swore ...more