Top Ten Things I Would Do With an iPad if I Had One

First of all, I have to say I am totally turning in my geek card. What geek on earth would be caught dead here 5 months after a new product release with NO NEW PRODUCT? Not this geek. Er, the double negatives and meanings of those phrases are kind of killing me, so let’s move on to the list of the top ten things I would do with an iPad if I actually had one....more

it is an awesome app. So awesome that I didn't even mention taking notes during conference calls ...more

Top Ten People Who Have an iPad Who Are Not Me

A Facebook friend asked recently if she should get an iPad and it got me thinking (again.[1]) The funny thing about this list is the reason why I don’t have an iPad. You see, apparently I was offered one. Now this story is funny to me but my husband has grown tired of my retelling of it, so you have to understand there’s a certain amount of marital risk I’m engaging in by even posting this. [2]...more

BREAKING NEWS!! HSN Kicks Off 99 Series Launch

Due to the demand and hype around the pioneering and revolutionary Book Series I have written for The 99 Series,  The Home Shopping Network is kicking off the launch September 3rd, before the World Launch date of September 27, 2010! This is great news for all of you who are excited to get reading!! There are a bunch of options, and you can do one, or all!...more

As Lovable as a Nutella-coated iPad

When I tweeted about eating Nutella, it immediately got dozens of people emailing and tweeting and facebooking about Nutella. When I write about half-sour pickles, a few people half-heartedly jump into the conversation. People may like pickles, but it doesn't mean enough to them to let me know. When I tweet about Nutella, there is a collective orgasm across the blogosphere. ...more

Gene Frenkle!

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Very Cool: Flipboard iPad App Turns Your Feeds Into a "Social Magazine"

I knew Flipboard for iPad was going to be cool -- but I didn't know just HOW cool. I didn't expect it to be such an instant hit that it would cause server congestion, making it impossible for me to be able to add content to it. There's nothing sadder than getting this message when trying to set up your cool new Flipboard: ...more

Confession: I haven't watched the commercial.

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Super Easy and Super Green BlogHer 10 Conference Guide for the iPad or iPhone

Thinking green today and just loaded a paperless version of the BlogHer 10 Conference Guide on my iPad and iPhone. Of course, you can look at the Conference Guide via the BlogHer website, but that can take extra minutes to download file.To skip the download each time I want to view the conference guide, I used my PDF Reader Pro app on my iPad and also the version for my iPhone to view the guide. Using this app, I don't need WiFi or 3G each time I view the guide.HOW:To transfer the Conference Guide PDF to a smart phone or iPad:...more

Wow! What a useful post. Just uploaded the conference guide to my iTouch. Your steop by step ...more

iPad, My Bra

All was well until we boarded the plane. Lifting my bag into the overhead bins, the clasp gave a mighty "sproing!" and my boobs were all WOOOO! I quickly plopped down in my seat and began to excavate my scarf so that I could maybe hide under it while I reclasped my dingdang brassiere. Of course, in order to get the scarf out, I had to first pull out the iPad, meaning that every man within four rows was craning his head towards my seat. ...more
Ohmyword. I am so sorry to tell you that I laughed HARD at your chest making a break for it.more

Ipad vs Netbook: The Verdict

It's been two weeks since I started my great iPad vs Netbook debate. The winner? Well, the iPad came in with a slight lead.Reason being was the battery life & the power. It also helped that my husband assisted me with the purchase of the case and keyboard. I have to laugh at myself because I just thought the iPad was an oversized iPhone. While it is, it won't replace my iPhone or my Desktop for that matter. In fact, it's a good go between. I do like the fact that it's very lightweight....more

The iPad: a Near-Miracle for My Son With Autism

My son Leo's life was transformed when a five-dollar raffle ticket turned into a brand-new iPad. I'm not exaggerating. Before the iPad, Leo's autism made him dependent on others for entertainment, play, learning, and communication. With the iPad, Leo electrifies the air around him with independence and daily new skills. People who know Leo are amazed when they see this new boy rocking that iPad. I'm impressed, too, especially when our aggressively food-obsessed boy chooses to play with his iPad rather than eat. I don't usually dabble in miracle-speak, but I may erect a tiny altar to Steve Jobs in the corner of our living room....more
Hello Shannon! I just found your blog and seen the story about Leo and his iPad. I have a 12 ...more

Do Tell: My Dad's a Character -- Share Which Fictional Character Reminds You of Your Father to Win an iPad

Which character in TV movies or books reminds you of your father? My dad? Wall-E, no kidding. He has a highly organized collection of stuff -- much of it meaningful only to him -- which he treasures showing to his loved ones. He also has the gentle, thickly-lensed eyes and the sweet heart. ...more

Harrison Ford - strong silent typemore