Innovative Technology Being Used By Brisbane iphone Repairs

Your iPhone is one of the greatest inventions of this modern era but the truth is that they run into issues every now and then as they are also very vulnerable. The most common problem that you face with your iPhone is a broken or damaged screen that needs to be replaced....more

4 Ways to protect Your iPhone's Data

                     There are four simple ways you can protect your smartphone’s data. This is assuming it hasn’t fallen into the hands of someone like the FBI who is willing to spend $1M to unlock it. If that is the case you may need to conduct further research on ways to keep your phone’s data safe. But if that’s not you please read on:1. Lock your phone with a secure PIN...more

12 Unique Ways To Use Your Cell Phone Camera You Hadn't Considered!

I don’t own a regular camera so I was very interested in the unusual ways you can use your cell phone to ca...more

5 Reasons Why It's Better to Talk than Text

After a few recent stories from my awesome girls, I am finally putting fingers to keyboard and giving you the top 5 reasons why talk is almost always better than text. By text I mean SMS, Facebook message or any kind of chat function on an app (yes like Tinder). What the #$% does that mean? Texting is a woefully inadequate method of communication....more

What's On MY iPhone 6plus

As I was perusing YouTube a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a couple "what's on my iPhone" videos. The nosey person in me LOVED seeing what apps other people keep on their phone. I even discovered a couple of new holy grail photo editing apps!...more

5 iPhone Apps That Will Help You Blog Better

From underused-but-definitely-there apps such as Notepad to ones you may not have heard of, such as Buffer, here are 5 apps that every blogger should have on their iPhone. (And most come for Android too!) ...more
Great choices. I'm also obsessed with Instagram (of course) and have found it helpful in ...more

12 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

The iPhone is one of the world’s most popular smartphones, and those who have one spend a lot of time with it. But how well do you really know your iPhone? I bet you there are many features that you're not taking advantage of because you don't know they exist. Here are 12 features you probably didn’t know about your iPhone that will make you enjoy your phone even more. ...more
I have learned some tricks after reading this, as i am not a tech savvy i just use my iPhone for ...more

I deleted my iPhone Facebook app and it was good.

It's only been four days, but the time I've gained, since I let go of having access to Facebook while my children are up (which is happening a lot lately and not at all what this overly tired mom to two toddlers WANTS) seems like double that. Early last week, standing in the kitchen -- while my older toddler chatted from his high chair over breakfast, and my younger one quietly fed herself with the same precision she has since she was about 10-months-old -- I deleted that old Facebook app from my iPhone....more

What's Your APPtitude? Comparing iPhone Photo Apps

Ever since I got my first iPhone my digital camera has gone unused. At first I would carry my camera along, snapping pictures and hoping I wouldn't run out of space on my SD card. I would upload the pictures to my computer and then transfer then onto disc or a flash drive to transfer to the blog, Facebook, share with family or, mostly, to linger in digital purgatory.  With my first upgrade to a smart phone it was easier to just snap pictures with my phone....more
Much thanks for this app write up!  I just left my android in the dust and upgraded to the ...more