My Favorite iOs 6 Feature: Do Not Disturb

My iPhone 5 won't arrive for awhile yet as it took me some time last Friday to learn that you don't try to order through your cellular provider's website. All the same, I downloaded the new iOs 6 to my iPhone 4 yesterday afternoon. One feature has me thrilled beyond measure. I've been waiting for it since I married a firefighter, way before I ever had an iPhone. Do Not Disturb is already making a huge difference in my life, our shared family life....more
I'm going to try this!!!!  I TOTALLY ignored it, but it sounds really good.  Thanks a lot--Ilene ...more

The iPhone 5: Five Years in Real Life Is Like Five Decades in Tech Years

I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 for a very long time. I was already completely ready to turn mine in for an upgrade last year at this time. Why? I have been using the original since 2007. No joke. Today, it's a beautiful, sleek, antique metallic phone on which I can receive and place calls but effectively use very few other features. I don't tend to be in a hurry to have the latest, greatest thing. For examples, I resisted upgrading to the 3G, the 3GS, the 4 and the 4S....more

iPhone 5 - What you need to know -

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 and she is a thing of beauty. So here what you need to know:Faster, Slimmer, Lighter, Thinner and more powerful...more

iPhone 5 has arrived!

The iPhone 5 was finally released today after weeks of leaked photos and preparation.  It lived up to many of the rumors we heard about it and even managed to sneak a few surprises in.  Learn more, including links and videos, at

iPhone 5 expected September 2012?

iPhone 5 countdown: Sharp confirms it is about to start shipping screens for the new gadget- New iPhone expected to be unveiled on September 12th- Screen believed to be four inches corner to corner- Will include major update to Apple’s iOS softwareThe countdown to Apple’s new iPhone continued today as the boss of Sharp Corp. said it will begin shipping screens for the new gadget within weeks....more

iPhone 5 rumors...

Some news sources are confirming that the new iPhone will have a much smaller 19-pin port, rather than the 30-pin connector currently on the phone.Rumors leaked last month that the iPhone 5 will have a new Dock connector with only 19 pins, as opposed to the rectangular 30-pin port found on the mobile today....more

What iPad3, iPhone5 and iPod Features Do You Hope to See?

It's like Christmas when there's an update to our favorite gadgets, the iPod and iPhone. Everyone wants to rattle the boxes and guess what's inside long before it's time to open the packages. The new iPod is supposed to be out in September, which is the timeline for the iPhone 5 as well. With the iPod 3 and the iPhone 5 on the way, the rumors about what may be included are flying. Here are a few: ...more