Is your 4-year-old's drawing ability linked to IQ?

The answer to the title's question is "Yes." And "No."The research study I ran across found that yes, there were two correlations with IQ, but they were small.How a 4-year-old drew a child had a .33 correlation to their IQ at age 4. How a 4-year-old drew a child had a .20 correlation to their IQ at age 14....more

New study: Fitter kids have different white matter in their brains

First, let me say that this new study doesn't prove that exercise raising IQ. But it does provide support to the idea that being fit makes kids smarter.Researchers at the Univrsity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign looked at the brains of 24 kids (ages 9 and 10). They discovered that the fitter kids had more white matter, which  likely indicates a better-connected brain.Still, the study isn't definitive proof that being fit makes you smarter. It could also be that obese kids have different brains - that it's the fat affecting the brain, not the fit....more

Creativity linked to more integration in the brain

A new study that's been published in "Creativity Research Journal" (did you know there was such a thing?) indicates that creativity may depend on just how linked your brain is.The scientists who did the study refer to this integration as "mind-brain development" and say that people who have more integration are alert, curious in learning and "disposed to see the whole picture." They also say they're unselfish, emotionally stable and "think in wide circles."...more

Do you trust people easily? You're probably quite smart.

I always thought of it more as intuition, but a new study out of the UK says that intelligent people are more likely to trust others. Maybe it's that intelligence helps you gather facts and draw conclusions from your evaluations. Either way, I'm happy to read this piece and plan to print it out to show my husband. He's always telling me I'm "too trusting" of everyone and that I need more "street smarts." (The only "street smarts" I acquired in Vermont was how to drive in snow.)Here's what I read:

The IQ alarm clock: No snooze button - you have to answer brain teasers!

Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing this alarm clock. I've never used it. I just think it sounds very cool (although, possibly quite annoying if the questions are too hard!).It's not exactly new. In fact, the article I ran across was from 2011. But it's new to me....more

Understanding why Einstein's brain is so amazing

Yes, I said "is" instead of "was" when referring to Einstein's brain. Why? It's still in existence. In fact, I believe it's in jars in several places right now - albeit in thin slices.Pop quiz:Einstein's (living) brain was:A. Larger than averageB. Lacked the parietal operculum (a specific small wrinkle)C. Enlarged inferior parietal lobesD. More connections between the brain's hemispheres ANSWER: B, C and DA. Einstein's brain was actually smaller than average, which obviously has nothing to do with IQ....more

Fun test to see if you're right-brained or left-brained -- neither of which exist anymore

So, just 24 hours after my friend posts this "Are You Left or Right Brain Predominant?' test with the spinning lady: see this headline on can see my quandry.First, let me say that I could see the spinning woman go in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), which I must admit was pretty darn cool....more

High IQ linked to ability to block out distractions

Do you fancy yourself a genius?If so, (assuming you're correct!), you're likely very good at blocking out distractions.A new study found that very intelligent people have a great filtering system when it comes to visual movement.The study found that people with high IQ could easily and quickly identify small bars going across a screen, but they were the slowest at identifying large bars going across the screen. It's the first non-verbal and culturally unbiased tool to measure intelligence.Here's the summary:...more

The "ditzy" blonde who is smarter than Einstein

Here are the facts:1. 16-year-old Lauren Marbe has an IQ of 161. That's higher than Bill Gates, Eintein and Stephen Hawking.2. She's a member of Mensa.3. She describes herself as "blonde and a bit ditzy."4. She loves fake nails and tanning. She wears make-up and goes out with friends.5. She wants to either be an architect or a singer and dancer.What strikes me as funny is that she is glad she "might be able to show people that we aren't all ditzy and blonde." See No. 3.Intelligence is not the same as knowledge, or as common sense....more

Results of the World Memory Contests will blow your mind

Still not convinced that the human brain is fundamentally awesome? Then just check out te results from the World Memory Championships.This year's winner, Johannes Mallow of Germany, did some pretty amazing stuff, like:1. He memorized a number with 2,245 digits in one hour.2. He memorized a number with 500 digits in 5 minutes. (Which is a new world record, by the way.)3. He memorized 1,144 playing cards in one hour.4. He memorized 3,954 binary digits (e.g. 0110001001) in 30 minutes....more