Traveling Dublin

As many of you know, Dave and I jetted off a few weeks ago for our 10-day honeymoon in Ireland. Neither of us had ever been, so there was so much we wanted to see in that time. We did a road trip through mostly the southern portion, with our first and our last stop being Dublin....more

St. Patrick's Day Blues

I must admit to being a little homesick today. How could I not be? St. Patrick's Day was always one of my favourite days of the year. As a child it meant a day off school and a brief respite from the abstinences of Lent. In my college years and early twenties it meant finding a pub with good Guinness, music and craic. This day last we were up the Dublin Mountains in Johnnie Fox's eating the finest Irish fare. ...more

WIP It Good

Family Day Trip

Sunday morning 9.15... Everybody is on board, we go down Carrick-on-Suir for the day... ...more

The right to die

Suicide law in Ireland has been a hot topic this year. Marie Fleming, a multiple sclerosis patient in the later stages of the illness, is seeking the right to commit suicide with the help of her long-term partner Tom Curran....more

Honeymoon Day Two

One of the best things about staying with Jen & Paddy in Ireland was the fact their wee children – who have sweet little voices like the kids in Peppa Pig – would be the alarm clocks. We’d hear a soft knocking on the bedroom door, followed by “Wake up, Americans!” in these darling piping trills of posh cuteness.Seriously, it was adorable....more

Honeymoon Day One

Brace yourselves for the extended dance mix of the honeymoon details, people! For they are upon you …The first day of the trip we got into Dublin at 9:30 AM, jet-lagged as all hell, and took the bus to the city’s center. We strode briskly to the tourist information building to get ye old map of Dublin....more

My Green Wedding Shoes

 When PB and I started to plan our wedding the colours were Green and Purple. Like Joker colours haha.  About the time we found out I was pregnant we were moving the wedding from our current location to Ireland. To avoid stress on me and the baby PB took over the wedding planning role. He did a wonderful job and it turned out to be a fantastic day. Here are some pictures of his planning choices. ...more

St. Patrick's Day is over, but Ireland, you are still on my mind

Pop-Pop Regan was a chemist before he practiced law; he said he knew what alcohol did to brain cells, so he didn’t drink.  He was a tee-totaling leprechaun of a man.  He had shelves upon shelves of books, all annotated so universally, it looked as if he’d underlined every line he read.  Squirreled-away butterscotches were his gold coins.  He had his own special charm: he named each dog he owned, “Ace,” and before every dinner, he said an Irish grace. Our family would be just about ready to dive into a holiday meal, when someone—an aunt, an uncle, my dad—would beg...more

Erin Go Bragh

I'm headed to upstate New York for my parents' St. Patrick's Day party, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from our trip to Ireland....more