Irish Superstition

Photo Credit: Rannpháirtí anaithnidI love the Irish connection to deep feeling; tragedy, pri...more

Irish Telly and Mr. Jelly

My family has it's own culture. Poor grammar is abhorrent but anatomy and fart jokes are all in good fun. “That’s what she said” is a family tradition.  My husband and I are both huge nerds. We'll listen with respect to your hypothesis that Voldemort would make a great president as long as you're logical and well spoken. What will Irish television have to offer us?...more
What are your favorite UK shows?more

Riverdance Travels Throughout the US; Cast Wows with Costumes, Color & Culture

I met the folks behind the Riverdance in Dublin recently and given that its a show — or rather a performance, which is more electric and intense than a show — I’ve been wanting to see for awhile, I was thrilled to learn that it was coming to the Bay Area within a month. Last week, close and center, I took it all in — from the incredible colors of the costumes, to the dance numbers themselves....more