I Don't Have Blogophobia, But I Fear I Have To Write This

People don't like to be told they are 'phobic'. It doesn't matter what the phobia is; if you tell them they are something-o-phobic, they will immediately go out and try to prove you wrong. I think they are Phobiaphobic, but I'm not a doctor, so I can't diagnose. I know there should be a Malpracticesuitaphobia, but I can't find it.  Agateophobia is the fear of insanity, and if you diagnosed someone with it who was really just afraid of being irritable, that might drive them crazy....more

Uniting In Fury

Things That Make Us Madder Than They Should:Hangers Misbehaving Disobedient hangers are instigators. You know when you’re swiping through shirts and an unchosen one slips off the hanger and falls to the ground? I always blame the hanger and become frustrated with its lack of commitment. I assume it hasn’t embraced its job or simply thinks it’s too good for the service industry....more

Top 10 rules of a toddler

In the world of toddlers and babies, there are strict rules and demands that must be abided by otherwise, screaming and insanity will ensue.1. Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty unaccompanied – actually, Mommy is not allowed to go to the potty at all.2. Mommy is not allowed to do dishes – “I WANT” the dirty plate in the dishwasher!3. Snacks and treats are to be enjoyed without limitation – unless it’s the baby enjoying some mama milk, that’s not allowed.4. Boots will always be worn.5. Clothes and diapers will not be worn....more

Bringing up Baby: Tips for Raising "Good People"

A Parent's Worst Fear Aside from the all-consuming desire to keep my kids safe from any number of terrible tragedies that I can imagine in my mind's eye, my biggest fear as a parent is that my Darling Boys will grow up and do something horrible and violent. Think about the news stories you hear about on TV or read about in magazines involving wayward, outcast, or misfit teens that bring guns to school or the ill-adjusted, irrational men who shoot their former colleagues after losing a job. It's almost always males who commit such crimes. Why this is I don't know. Nonetheless, this image scares me. ...more