Pet Peeves: 21 Things That Get On My Nerves

A little while back I wrote about 221 Things That Make Me Happy. (Hey, if you missed that post the first time, check it out - lots of feel-good stuff there!). Since I had so much fun compiling my happy list, I decided to do it again... ...more

My Top 10 Irritations: I Need Advice On A Few

      In No Certain Order 1-Empty Milk Carton put back in the refrigerator. I want some cereal, get the bowl out, put the cereal in it, even get the spoon out then when I reach for the milk the carton it is empty. My response: I search the house for the culprit and for the hundredth time tell him how much I wanted some cereal only to find out there was no milk....more

Thanks for the comment I'm about to bawl myself. its so exciting! headed to your ...more