Tax refund thieves can be thwarted

If your tax refund doesn’t come, don’t be quick to blame the government. Tax refund fraud is very common. The IRS pays billions in fake refunds....more

The IRS: An Unconstitutional Organization That NEEDS to be Nonexistent

Do you ever feel like somebody's watching you? How about, documenting everything you do? Have you ever felt like someone was cross-examining you until your mind was about to explode with frustration and confusion as to why anyone would even target you in the first place. ...more

Top Five Movies About People In Worse Tax Situations Than You

If tax day has you wanting to crawl into a corner, consider the next best thing: curling up on the couch with a good movie and your knitting/wine/SO and getting lost in the troubles of strangers.Here's my list of the best movies about people who are hopefully in worse situations with the IRS than you are...5. The Blues Brothers (1980)...more
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Don't Play Fair

Let’s play word association. Or to be more accurate, acronym association. I’ll go first.“IRS”.“Invasive.” “Confiscatory.” “Heartless.” “Unbending.” “Bureaucratic.” “Dictatorial.” “Arbitrary.” “Capricious.”Okay, that’s a start. Here’s another one: “Anti-business.”Or more specifically, anti-sole proprietorship.If you’ve spent as much time trudging the depths of our nation’s tax code as I have, you reach two inevitable conclusions:...more

Are You Kidding Me? The Time the IRS Told Me I Owed $9,000

I bought my first home in May of 2008, a few months after graduating college but after accepting admission to a second tier graduate school in Waco, TX. We signed the papers such that I became the official owner of my beautiful condominium on June 1st, 2008 (I still cannot believe that I’ve been here for three years!). For a reference point, most graduate student stipends are $15,000-$20,000 a year (rollin' in the dough, clearly). Because the cost of living in Waco is significantly lower than Tacoma, WA, my mother and I worked out a budget where I could pay my mortgage and all my bills on my graduate student stipend. ...more

How $12.1 Million Was Stolen From The Dead Via The IRS

Have you gotten your income tax refund yet? Even though I know I’m essentially just getting my change back from the government, my tax refund always feels like a present that arrives in the mail. I usually end up squandering it as if weremy yearly “bonus” from the government....more

Getting Those Taxes Done!

At the end of January year after year when Cece’s mom was alive, her mom would call  her on Sunday and ask her, “Have you done your taxes yet?  When are you going to do them?”  I guess you can tell that Cece puts off doing her taxes!  But since her mom passed on, there is no one to remind her to “Get those taxes done!”...more

Loved the Stats on your blog! Congrats on getting your husband back! Have fun!

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IRS Envelopes - Conversations with Hubby

Here is another peek at Hubby's, shall we say, unique thought process and perceptions.Our first time to file income taxes as a married couple, way back in the days of the dinosaurs before electronic filing existed, I dutifully filled out the paper forms with the help of my mom....more

Now that I've heard his reasoning, I'm laughing even harder.


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Can you really avoid an IRS audit? (Or at least reduce your chances?)

Yes and no. Great accountant answer, huh? The truth is that the Internal Revenue Service has some special red flags in place that help flag your tax return for an audit. Those super-secret red flags are revealed to no one. Apparently the IRS system takes your tax return data, runs its super-secret algorithm, and decides if your tax return is a high risk for problems. ...more