Continuing To Prepare For Isaac...

I stayed glued to The Weather Channel Monday morning until the LSU medical community in New Orleans made a decision on allowing their dental students and residents to leave the area for a couple of days because of the impending hurricane.  Relieved, I then waited for them to make it back to Alexandria, which is generally a three hour drive.  David and Ryan left at 1:20 and arrived here at 7:00.  The traffic was backed up so far that they decided to take another route that was also clogged with traffic.  That was part of my concern with them leaving the city so late. ...more
Hope you and your family are okay! Let us know how you're doing. Keeping fingers crossed...more

At the RNC: Romney Restoring GOP's Faith on Economy, Leadership

Two disasters rest on the lips of every delegate, GOP staffer and member of the media: Hurricane Isaac and the national economy.The 2012 Republican National Convention agenda carefully danced with the impending disaster of the former made by Mother Nature, while presuming to be the hope to recover the nation from the latter....more
 @Rita Arens We're saving lives like never before on the battlefield. It's when they get home ...more