Good morning my friends.I woke this morning to the gentle sound of rain outside and even though it is December 21st and it should be snowing here in Ohio, I gave thanks for the rain.  Because it is enough.I've been thinking a lot these last few weeks about giving and receiving.  About being valued and honored and about being enough....more

Hasbro Responds, A Letter from the Global Chief Marketing Officer

Dear Kristina, Thank you for sharing your feedback on Hasbro’s Magic Jinn game. Hasbro RespondsKristinawww.MyIslamicLife.com...more
Well. That was a let down. I clicked, all excited that they might have said something useful. Darn.more

We Belong

The point of posting the letter to Hasbro here was not to gather people to cheer me on.  It wasn’t even to see how many people agreed with me. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you a problem in my life that wouldn’t have been a problem if I wasn’t living Islamically. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you how I dealt with this problem. I could have done it all without sharing, yes....more

Dear Hasbro; My Letter to the CEO

Dear Mr. Goldner: I have been a Hasbro customer for my entire life. I grew up in Ohio and have had Tonka Trucks, Mr. Potato Head and Elmo toys to play with and enjoy all throughout my childhood. Once I became a parent, I turned to Hasbro toys to entertain, engage and help educate my children....more
Thank you for this post. I didn't know Magic Jinn existed before I found this post and now that ...more

Let's Report on Shaima AlAwadi Without Saying Honor Killing or Hate Crime

An uncharacteristic apathy washed over me when I heard the news of an American Muslim woman murdered in El Cajon, California last month. Thirty two year old Shaima AlAwadi was found bludgeoned to death in her home, with a note calling her a terrorist laying next to her. Recently discovered court documents indicating that AlAwadi was filing for divorce are now leading the media to suggest that her assailant may have been a family member thus rendering her another casualty in a phenomenon that is on the rise in North America called "honor killings" that are supposedly on the rise because of the higher numbers of immigrant Muslim communities in North America....more
Ms Khan, could we possibly ask you to first allow the police to complete their investigation of ...more

Aasiya Hassan: To Him She Belongs And To Him She Returns

I’ve been thinking about Aasiya Hassan non-stop for two days. All I know about her is this: She was a Pakistani-American, a mother of two small children, a Muslim, a co-owner of a television station, and the victim of a horrific murder at the hands of her abusive husband. He was convicted yesterday of second degree manslaughter. According to the news reports, Mrs. Hassan had filed for divorce and her husband killed her a week later. Actually, he did more than kill her. He beheaded her. ...more

There's been extensive scholarly work on this idea... one theory (to which I ascribe) is that ...more

The Festival of Sacrifice and Unexpected Eid Blessings

Being part of a community of worshipers is an integral part of being a Muslim, and of course my kids and family will always, God willing, attend Eid prayers and go to the parties afterward. In the future, though, we're going to take time to ... well, to breathe in the blessings that God has given us. Religious holidays are more than parties and candy and toys -- they are blessings. ...more

I agree. At least for me the improvisational aspect removed the pressure for things to go a ...more

On Being a Muslim-American Woman

Recently, I was on a flight headed to the east coast to visit my family when I saw a woman board the plane with a little girl who I pegged to be less than 2 years old. The child was a hysterical wreck from the moment she set foot on the plane until we landed four hours later. The mother and daughter were seated one row behind me. There was a storm developing close by, so the pilot made an announcement that we'd remain grounded for about 30 minutes. He'd keep us posted. ...more

In sharing these thoughts. I will have to read this multiple times.

I am not an atheist, but ...more