Madison Police Beating and Chapel Hill Shootings: Love Thy Neighbor?

If the recent police beating of an Indian grandfather and shooting deaths of three Muslim students are indication, seeing is believing....more
This is act of shame and violence by US Police who claim to protect. Too common these days the ...more

Why I Hate the Burqa

I have grown to hate the burqa. I hate the burqa because it serves no logical purpose in Western society. The intent of the clothing is to draw attention away from the woman, but in the West it only attracts unwanted attention. Recently a Glasgow man was sentenced to prison for attacking a burqa-clad Saudi woman on the street. He ripped away her niqab. The woman was a graduate student. She has since quit her studies and refuses to leave her apartment. To her the attack was an act of rape. ...more
It is such a terribly sad state of affairs that here, in America, we are considering laws to ban ...more

TV executive beheaded in Buffalo; husband charged -- what's Islam got to do with it?

Aasiya Zubair Hasan, 37, wanted to dispel post-9/11 stereotypes about American Muslims. In 2004, the Pakistani-born architect co-founded the Bridges TV satellite channel with her husband, Muzzamil Hasan, in their home in Orchard Park, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. That dream ended on Feb. 12 when Muzzamil Hazan walked into the town's police station and announced that Aasiya's dead body could be found on the floor of the Bridges TV offices. ...more