At your limit with God

The lives we live are often filled with ups and downs. We put our backs against the wall looking for something better.  Sometimes our health is put through so much, our lives through so much, we wonder if there's a point to the cycles. ...more

a little too much solitude, maybe?

these days we are telecommuting more, working from home, and have many relationships virtually. a little solitude can be good, cleansing, spiritual, and even a little indulgent. i love it when i get a little block of quiet me time. here's how you can tell you have too much solitude:...more

Overcoming Work at Home Isolation

Working from home is great (at least in my opinion). Yet, it can be so easy to end up feeling isolated, alone, and in a bit of a funk and not know why. That's because you don't have nearly the sort of in-person interaction you do when you are out in the workplace. Here's a great post on how to beat that Work-at-Home (Mom) isolation. ...more
I loved the article. I work from home, not by choice but because i was laid off in 2009 and ...more

When Social Animals De-Socialize

While meeting up with a friend for a play date today, we got to discussing feelings of loneliness and isolation.  And as usually happens, we get pretty deep and could pretty much save the world if people would only listen.  Our discussion went something like this. ...more


* ...more

The Breakdown of a Breakup

Just recently, I had the opportunity to interview songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Terry Radigan about her new album, the Breakdown of a Breakup. Terry wrote all the songs on the album about three years ago following the end of her twenty-year marriage. As someone who writes about divorce, it was fascinating for me to talk to Terry and to understand that while I probably couldn't pen a song, writing in any form is therapeutic if you allow your writing to be honest. ...more

Being A Stay At Home Mom Can Equal Isolation

I never knew how isolating being a stay at home mom can be. When most of the people you knew as friends were at your work, then you then end up staying home with your child 24/7 it be a big shock. You go from being around people all day long to being alone with your child and doing a job that never ends. You feel like you have basically no friends and it can cause you to feel very lonely and depressed.Trying to stay in contact with your old friends from work sounds good in theory, but never seems to work in real life....more

Oh the Pain of Loving You

    So, I am not sure what to say. I have upset Maw. She has been in the bed five days with a virus of some kind (I have been telling people she caught the bubonic plague in the emergency room, but that’s not what she’s upset about.) ...more