Donated Embryos and the New Israeli Ruling on Establishing Jewish Heritage

The arbitrating rabbis in Israel reversed an important decision concerning donor eggs this week; speeding through the passing of a new law and emotionally affecting even non-Israeli Jewish families. It's a case of a good impulse gone horribly, horribly wrong without regard to the emotional repercussions--either for the parents or the child. ...more

I feel like it's one of those things where what you'd do on paper and what you'd do in the ...more

Israeli Women Forced to the Back of the Bus

I've been so depressed lately by the news (Afghanistan, health care reform denying women reproductive rights, New York State Senate defeating gay marriage, etc., etc.) that it is almost hard to get my blood boiling these days. An email I received from the New Israel Fund changed that. When I learned that some public buses in Jerusalem force women to enter through the back door, sit in the back, and "dress modestly" in order to board I immediately wanted to go there, get on a bus in my sluttiest outfit (which is actually pretty modest to everyone but religious fanatics), and protest. Of course, I'd then be subjected to verbal and physical abuse by evil men who like to think that they are God, when really they are just oppressors who misinterpret their religious texts to benefit themselves. ...more

Thanks Suzanne ...more

Thanks, U.N. Watch

You might have seen this earlier (the date is October 16th), but I only just saw this video today, sent to me in an email by a friend, a mother of a young man who fought with the IDF in Jenin....more

Conservative Thoughts on U.N. Opening Session

During the dog and pony show known as the opening session for the United Nation's 64th General Assembly, Holocaust-denier and illegitimate leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stopped talking about obliteration of the Jewish state long enough to ironically state "Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect." Stephen Harper and B...more

...the liberal myth all during the Bush administration that if you're just smiley and ...more

The Best Watermelon, Ever

On one standard hot day when I was living on a kibbutz in Israel I was assigned to work in the watermelon field. I was told that it was going to be horrible. But in the way that my optimism always outshines reality, I was excited to work at something new.   ...more

Israeli Police and Military Brutalize Peaceful Protesters at Netanyahu's Speech

by Ann Wright @ Huffington Post   ...more

I support peace.


Israel: Trying to Live with Terrorism: Bomb in the Bread Section

The following are a couple of difficult memories of life in Israel. Difficult, because, really, why can’t the Jews just be left alone in their own little country on the Mediterranean?   ...more

The Choice of Israel

There is something you need to understand. I, along with many other Israelis, am disturbed by the loss of so many innocent Palestinian lives. The situation is not a simple one, and the rules of war are not so easy to follow when one side purposely chooses to endanger its own population. In an ideal war, if one can say such a thing, armies would battle other armies, and do their utmost to ensure that civilians are not in harm's way. ...more

Gaza and Israel: Reflections and resources

Let me set out a couple of things from the get-go: I'm not going to glorify Israel and I'm not going to vilify Hamas. I'm also not going to vilify Israel and I'm not going to glorify Hamas. ...more

I just wanted to provide a few more things for people to read, to try and get away from some ...more