7 Things You Understand If You Have/Had Italian American Grandparents

1. "God Bless" gets added to practically every sentence. ...more

How to Roast Red Peppers

How To Roast Red Peppers ...more


My parents were born in Sicily, Italy and came here when they were really young. I'd like to say that they brought the best parts of the Italian tradition  to America.Italian-Americans are somewhat different than the Italians in Italy from what I saw myself. They do not eat eggs in the morning, they use eggs for some dinner recipes. They also do not eat as much as Italian-Americans here is the U.S.For holidays we all get together and feast on antipasto, first course (pasta), main course, and later on we enjoy coffee and pastries. ...more

Sharing Love and Blessings One Bite at a Time on St. Joseph’s Day

By Francesca CatalanoMy mother was a first generation Italian American who worked very hard to keep her culture and heritage alive for her children. We spoke Italian, lived Italian, and, of course, ate Italian!  Not surprisingly, just about every tradition involved or centered on food. In fact, there were many foods as well as culinary tools that I didn’t know the English word for until I went to college....more

Italian Chicken Soup

Italian Style Chicken and Vegetable Soup On Tuesday of this week, another foot of snow blanketed upstate New York. My husband, who was working from home, and I watched the fluffy snow crystals fall from the heavens at the rate of an inch per hour. Since nothing is as it appears, we realized that what we perceived as serenity and purity was a big nuisance to the people who had to climb into their cars and navigate the icy roads. Thank goodness for the perception differences that allow us see nature’s glory....more

Anna's peppers

This is from a good friend of mine, Anna, who is from Italy.  These are yummy!...more

Vegan Lasagna Soup

Zowie, winter is back and all I can think about is having nice hot stews and soups lately....more

Sauce 'n' Balls

One of the biggest requests that I have from family and friends is "how do you make your sauce and meatballs?".....read on.... I have wonderful memories of creating homemade pasta sauce, I hate to tell people that my family has NEVER had store bought jar sauce!!!!  When my son, Rob, was little, he LOVED drinking my homemade sauce from a coffee cup...he could sneak into the kitchen when he thought no one was looking and help himself to cup after cup..... ...more

Tripbase 2011 Travel Best Italian Cuisine Blogs: Aroma Cucina

You like us!  You really really like us!...sorry Sally, I couldn't resist.  Well, we are pleased to say we won this best blog award, and share this with our fellow winners.  Many thanks to the folks at Tripbase.  We are preparing our return to the mother country now.  Spring is upon us, and the orto is waiting. Ci vediamo a primavera!...more