Repost: Love Letters

Ever since we left Florence, I’ve been thinking a lot about that city. I really think I found my new favourite city there and it broke my heart a little to leave it. The night before I left for Bologna, I walked around to see the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio at night and I promised that this wouldn’t be goodbye that I would come back someday....more

My First Blog Post from Italy - Abidatheajdbri...

My first two posts on this site are actually going to be two old posts I had to do as an assignment when I went to Italy last summer.  They are basicallyl thoughts I had about the trip and Italy overall.  I didn't want to lose these posts in the fray on the website they were originally pulished on, so I'm reposting them here.-----------------------

Italy the Healthy Way

Whether you are looking to stave off the pounds or have special dietary needs, travelers can still indulge and enjoy all the deliciousness that Italy has to offer. In the birthplace of pizza, where pasta flows as freely as the wine, Italy may seem like a tough place to keep an eye on your waistline. However, it’s not as difficult as you may think! From gluten free pastas to naturally vegan pizzas and soy gelatos, get your taste buds ready for the healthy side of Italy....more

Book Work ...

I first arrived in Genova back in 2008.  I have been returning, as often as is possible, since then.  I would live there in a heartbeat....more

How I Came To Hate Italy

I sat in various coffee shops pounding into my computer on most days. I drank entirely too much on most nights. My career was nonexistent; my life had come to a strange pivotal point. So I did what any semi-drunk person might do: Sat down and wrote a bucket list. I love lists. Most people have a bucket list, except for maybe coal miners, they  probably just have a bucket and black lung. On my list I had:1) Learn another language more or less fluently.2) Live abroad.3) Learn how to paint...more
Hello! I enjoy reading your article, which warm me up a bit. Thank you. I was with tears ...more

Where You Can Retire – Post 1 In The Series Most Beautiful Places In Italy

There’s so many places I want to see! I’ve barely been anywhere!  There are so many beautiful places in the world.  If you could pick one place, where would you retire?I know, first, we’ll go all around the world, and then decide where to live!I’ve been doing some searching and found some amazing places in Italy.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!...more

Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells - AROMA CUCINA

Water, Water Everywhere, and all of it to Drink: Bring Back the Town Wells -  AROMA CUCINA sustainability? It’s the deal of the century where you responsibly meet your fellow villagers at the well. What’s wrong with that?  If you’re Italian, you’ll have reason to complain… ...more

The Mad Men of Le Forna: AROMA CUCINA

The Mad Men of Le Forna:  AROMA CUCINA our introduction to the cast of characters that inhabit our hood (Le Forna) on Ponza.  It is a unique world guaranteed to capture the hearts and stomachs of all who make the effort to visit this wonderful Mediterranean secret hideaway.  A place to ‘mangia bene’.  ...more

It's Rose Season!

What's in the box? You could say it's part of my spring cleaning.  However, I'm not going through my closets and packing up snow boots (who in Manhattan has enough closet space to do a full swap-out anyway?); I'm making room in the wine fridge for........more