Infertility: A Wish Unfulfilled

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a poem that expressed my feelings about the possibility of not ever becoming a mother. I like so many other women was diagnosed as pre menopausal in my mid thirties. Had I not made the decision to begin family planning, I may never had known. As young adults many of us women are taught how to respect our bodies....more

IUI #2

Today was the day we had our second IUI!! It went great! We had 48 million soldiers and the doctor likes to see at LEAST 2 million! We also had 3 follicles this cycle so hopefully this will be the cycle! Yes...we know that we could possibly get multiples but we are ok with that :) So now we wait...fingers crossed and prayers!...more

My First Insemination: It Only Felt Like a Little Prick

Hey team.  So after seeing our positive ovulation predictor test I called the clinic immediately (Saturday at 7pm).  They are "open" 7 days a week, but over the holiday weekend they had someone (wo)manning the phones that are checked periodically.  We waited and waited and didn't hear back until 10:30 Sunday morning.  Which, in reality, is fine because you have a 24-36 hour window of time to inseminate after getting a positive ovulation test, but in medicated/trying to conceive land you are Whitney Houston/Alice Ripley/Kirk Cameron crazy....more

Moving On to Letrozole

I went to see my OBGYN today. The last appointment I had with her was kind of intense, because I was not happy about my cancelled cycle and the fact that she refused to give me anything to help with my lining, despite the fact that it was only at 6mm at the time of my trigger shot. I didn't say anything outright rude to her face, but she could definitely feel my unhappy energy the last time I saw her. I asked her on three different occasions to please let me take the estradiol I already have at home to help thicken my lining....more