Faking Orgasm: Sex Is About the Journey as Much as the Destination

A lot of women fake orgasms. This is a concern for men, but hounding someone about whether or not they're orgasming is not going to help them get there any faster. Also, the emphasis placed on climax has the disastrous effect of focusing people solely on the destination, which leads them to forget that a big part of sex is the journey. ...more

BlogHer Releases Second Annual Women and Social Media Study: It's all about you!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the results from the 2009 Women and Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners. The Study illustrates how women are turning to many forms of social media, including blogs, for fun, entertainment, community and connection, but that we are more than twice as likely to go to blogs versus social network sites when we're seeking information, advice and recommendations. ...more

I really enjoyed the comparisons of social networking v. blogging and the BlogHer Network v. ...more

Why Do More Moms Stop Breast-feeding Early?

Breast-feeding is supposed to be a special bonding time for mother and child with added health benefits for newborns. Many new moms even receive lactation counseling at the hospital before they bring Jr. home. So why are so many moms stopping breast-feeding early?   ...more

DIY: Beauty on a Budget

Not so long ago going for a manicure or a pedicure was a splurge. Now professional beauty treatments are becoming a staple. We may have beautiful nails, but the cost of beauty upkeep dramatically increases each time we step into our favorite salon. ...more