Let's Do a Little Homework and Make the World a Prettier Place

Oh J.C. Penney, stop trying to be Forever 21. This morning, I awoke to the tweeted news that a sweatshirt featuring the slogan “I’m Too Pretty to do Homework” was being marketed at the J.C. Penney website for girls aged seven to twelve -- or the people who shop online for them, if you want to get picky. ...more
Agreed 100%.more

Confessions of a magazine & catalog addict

I’m a third generation magazine and catalog addict.  My grandmother loved them.  My mother loved them.  And a fourth generation is now well represented by my daughter. When I was a child, even before I could read, Mother saved all her magazines and catalogs for me.  I was fascinated by how she treated them like treasures.  Not one was thrown away until it had been read and read and re-read. ...more