Friday Favorites for date night...

Friday Favorites...  ...more
Bpnjour, Ma Cherie - is that French on your t-shirt? Please let me know, and if so, please ...more

Neutral Olive.

When you think of neutral colors, do you limit yourself to the standard black, white, and tan?Don’t.Olive green totally falls in neutral territory these days. (And while we’re on the the subject: navy is a neutral, too.)...more

Casual Outfit Style

Hi Ya'll! Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend! I thought I would share a new casual outfit with you. Take a look below! ...more

Work Outfit Style

Hi ladies!Come read my Monday "Work Outfit Style" post!This particular outfit includes J.Crew, Gap, and Express clothes. It is also extremely comfortable and one that I recycle pretty regularly.<3...more

Purses for sale! (J.Crew & Badgley Mischka)

Hi ladies!Tonights post is about two purses that I am selling in order to buy my first designer purse ever!I love these two purses but I am ready to invest in a piece that I will have forever and am giving up things in order to save up and get there.I am not revealing what I am saving up for just yet but in the meantime, check out these purses I am selling. They are both gently used, high quality, and stylish!...more

Work Outfit Style

Hi ladies!Tonights regular "Work Outfit Style" post is up! This outfit is pretty conservative but perfect for cooler spring temperatures. I am wearing a thin camel  Merino Wool sweater from Club Monaco, pants from the Gap, and a pair of J.Crew loafers.Check it out & let me know what you think!<3...more

Work Outfit Style

Hi there!Tonights regular "Work Outfit Style" post is up and includes a brand new  sweater from Club Monaco that I loveeee, a pair of Gap white sailor pants, J.Crew shoes, my unique Morse Code necklace and a Michael Kors watch.If you like any of these brands or are curious about these styles, come see how I put it all together!<3...more

Work Outfit Style

Hi ladies!Tonights regular "Work Outfit Style" post is up!This look includes an argyle sweater, a white skirt, and my grey loafers from Banana Republic.Let me know what you think!<3...more

J.Crew Tortoise shell Necklace

Well hello my BlogHer ladies!I hope your weekend is going just as well as mine (I work on the weekends, so today is actually my "Wednesday" but I can definitely still feel the energy of the weekends because I work with the public!)Ignore that tanget above lol I just wanted to let ya'll know my post is up tonight on my blog and is all about this pretty J.Crew necklace I acquired earlier this winter that I really want to share with you....more

Work Outfit Style

Hi girls! As I mentioned last Monday, I am going to start posting a "Work Outfit Style" post every Monday from now on. I think it's a fun way to start the work week!Tonights post consists of Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, J.Crew, and Stella and Dot.This is the first dress I have worn for a "Work Outfit Style" post! It's something a little different and fun!<3...more