The Incredible Power in Forgiving Yourself

I’ve been away a bit. From my blog ... not from jackassery, believe me. I needed to work some things out. About forgiveness. Embracing forgiveness. I couldn’t really write until I got it all squared away. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. Here we go: ...more
Thank you for posting it. :)more


I haven’t had a chance to write — trying to get through a divorce.DIVORCENot a word I anticipated uttering, but I guess no one does.  15 years.  Flushed into the toilet, buy someone who has no idea what loving me was or is.  He thinks he did…but he didn’t.  He used me, lied to me and will answer, someday, for all that.  If he ever even cares....more
Jeana Thank your!  One day  I'm I'm golden.  It is horrible....the protecting of ...more

The Last Straw

The Final StrawThe phrase, “The Final Straw”, is interesting.  And more true than I thought....more

I've Been a Mom for 10 Years

I've had a hard time sleeping for a few nights.  Go figure....but something occurred to me, in my "no shutdown brain":I have been a mom for 10 years.10 years.  10.  5+5.  Double digits.  10.10 years - 3 years a mother of 1 and next 7 years a mother of 2 redheaded boys....more