Banned Books Week: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

When Stephenie Meyer launched on to the book scene in 2005 no one could have guessed that she'd be launching one of the most successful series of the decade. Not only that, but with Twilight she turned all that we thought we knew about vampires upside down. Suddenly vampires could go out in the sunlight, they just didn't because it made them *sparkle*. ...more
@eclark730 Exactly. My non-reading young teenager picked up the first three books in this series ...more

2 for 1 : Justin and Jacob

I kid you not. Justin Timberlake works at my gym and Jacob is the repairman. I'm as surprised as you are. These are big stars and they have these small jobs, here in Montreal. What are the odds that I would meet both of them ? You have read it. Justin Timberlake has a weekend job at the YMCA Downtown. He's not the smiley type. Really, it makes me want to smack him beside the head. The guy is good-looking, has a great career and a great weekend job. What has he got NOT to smile about ? Anyway he barely says a word. But HEY I met Justin at the gym !!...more