Rants about snow and customer service

Rant alert! It's that time of year in the UK again. Yep, the time of the year where a state of near 'National Emergency' is declared, with roads becoming grid-locked, trains grinding to a halt, schools closing and supermarket shelves being emptied as people panic buy food. 'Christ! What's happened?' I hear you cry. You may well ask. A light dusting of snow happened, that's what. And yet it's like bloody Sodom and Gomorrah, except with snow instead of fire and brimstone. ...more

No worries! Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it!

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It was all a bit Jane Austen, and then shit got involved

Blimey O'Reilly. I am so behind with my blog that it is unbelievable. Not only am I in the middle of writing (but have not yet finished) a series of three guest blogs for Ron at If I had a Blog, but I am scrabbling around to find the time to keep my own blog updated. Everybody panic! ...more

Five year olds have stylists? WTF?!

I don't know. Children these days don't know they're born. In the olden days, kids used to smoke pretend candy cigarettes, needed to get up off the sofa to change the (black and white) TV channel, wore shorts no matter what the weather, and lived off a staple daily diet of meat served with boiled potatoes. There were no computer games, fancy trainers or mandatory seatbelts. ...more

Yeah, I always went to a real salon. I had really different hair than my mom and she didn't ...more