My New Healthy Breakfast Obsession

 Today on my blog I'm sharing my new obesssion with this delicious gluten free toast with jam. It's a perfect breakfast that's fast and easy for someone who is gluten free. ...more

Cranberry Apple Jam

Cranberry Apple Jam + Plus Free Printable Jar Labels on the Blog

Spiced Blueberry Jam

Pastry Jam Rolls

I've always had a soft spot for pastries.I haven't exactly been able to indulge like I used to since removing sugar, dairy, and gluten from my diet. That was until I tried my hand at a vegan, gluten-free version of Martha Stewart's pie crust....more

Homemade Raspberry and Lime Jam

Perfect Valentines Jam

At a recent LBP party, I bought a bunch of delicious fresh raspber...more

Sweet Orange Marmalade Recipe

Homemade jams are one of my favourite gifts – they're tasty, useful, inexpensive to make, and are HOMEMADE! No nasty preservatives, artificial colours, or weird nonsense. Just simple fruit, sugar, and love. Add some ribbon, and you've got the perfect gift.I love marmalade, but I found that a lot them have a very bitter aftertaste. I wanted to make a marmalade that was fresh, vibrant, full of zest, and with a hint of sweetness. The result; Sweet Orange Marmalade (if you say it with a southern accent, it sounds even better)....more

Olive Bread Crostini with Spicy Apricot Jam and Herb Cheese

Snacking in the Kitchen Olive Bread Crostini with Spicy Apricot Jam and Herb Cheese ~ Mystery Farmers' Market Delight Have you been to a farmers' m...more

Raspberry, green apple + lime jam

I always forget about how much I like jam, until I have scones at High Tea. Scones, cream and jam are the best. I love fresh, warm scones, so airy and fluffy. Mmmmm. This Christmas, I decided to make jam for Christmas gifts for my family (: ...more

The Revelation of Homemade Toaster Pastries

Sometimes, a little handheld pie is just the sweet treat to hit the spot, whether it's served as a quick and convenient breakfast, or an afternoon snack, or even an after-dinner reward for eating all of one's (locally sourced) vegetables. ...more
Confession: I love store bought Pop Tarts. But now I'm inspired to bake my own thanks to your ...more