Hello Jane

In an effort to keep my strength up I’ve decided to work out. That means as a hoarder I must clear a spot for all of the moves I must do. Of course that means space on the floor, room to jump and most of all an area to clear my mind.I’m going to start with an old favorite.Jane Fonda!So after concentrating on making sure that everything was out of my way and in its proper place, I dawn on the sweats, tied up the gym shoes and tossed the tape into the VCR....more

The Girl Who Was Too Cool for Birth Control

The question any writer and editor should ask herself or himself is "how helpful is this information?" It is true that humor makes it easier to discuss topics that are difficult or boring, and that casual writing styles and irreverent attitudes help readers feel like the writer is speaking with them as opposed to lecturing them, but we can't allow the allure of page views to cloud our judgment. ...more
Health care and social media struggle with this issue all the time -- people's opinions written ...more

Falling for Drugstore Makeup

When the September fashion magazines hit the newstands, I get this urge to change my makeup. It's still summer, of course. But I'm starting to think fall. The thing is, just as my wardrobe is not ready for a silk dress with a long purple cashmere cardigan, striped hose, and black patent leather peep-toe mary janes, so my face is not ready for full-on cold weather makeup. I'm not ready for real foundation, powder, and lipstick. It's too heavy and serious and done looking. ...more

Although these aren't drugstore items, definitely get yourselves to a Sally Beauty Supply and ...more