We Are What We Are. Aren't We?

You know what?  We are what we are, and no manner of changing our bodies will change who and what we are, whether that change be purely cosmetic, radically identity-altering (which won't change the actual identity - just the vessel that contains it) or just sick. (cutting off limbs,  undergoing extensive surgeries for no medical reason, etc, which sounds made up but which is something some people actually do!)  (Think of Michael Jackson.) Plastic surgery has its legitimate purposes, but much of the time it's just somebody who wanted a better nose....more

BlogHer and Diet Coke and Me: A Love Story

  I’m going to BlogHer in a few days, and since it’s the only “vacation” I’ve taken regularly in the past many, many years, I intend to have a blast.  This is nothing novel, as I’ve had a blast at BlogHer for the past seven years, and this one makes eight....more

The Post That Negates Any Excuses You Might Have Had to NOT Attend BlogHer13

Every year I write about why every women should come to BlogHer, kick back, and have fun.  Every year I add a little bit more to the previous post.  Here’s this year’s edition:It’s begun.  Facebook seems to be exploding with women talking about why they really want to come to BlogHer, but are afraid they’re not the “right kind” of woman for this conference.Dear ones:  we are ALL the right kind of woman for this conference.Some of you are worried that you don’t have the right kind of clothes for a conference full of stylish women....more
lol Now it's officially conference season -- you've written your post.   PS. There might be ...more

Survivor: Middle School

 It was 2004.  Professional development. (lowest bidder - you get what you pay for.)  I was bored, so I took this theme and ran with it.==Survivor: Middle School Version...more

BlogHer 2012: My Perspective

Mamacita says:  I've only just returned from New York City, where the best BlogHer conference yet was held.  While I may be home now, my head and heart are still mingling with the 5,000 women (and men) in the Hilton hallways and session rooms.  Oh, and behind the registration desk, which is the best job EVER because everybody has to register, so the volunteers there get to see everybody....more
 @Jett Thank YOU for saying that.  You're so kind!more

BlogHer10: Let Me Sum Up. . . .

I know that many of you come to BlogHer for the little black dresses, the parties, and the swag.  I'm not that guy....more

My Niece, the Doctor

I have loved my beautiful niece Stephanie from the moment she was born.  I never got to see enough of her thanks to that pesky inconvenient "geography" thing, but she was and still is seldom out of my thoughts.  She's been a source of love, pride, and joy to her parents and to all of her extended family from day one, and now, oh my, NOW, she's become a role model for all women everywhere.Stephanie earned herself a PhD....more

I Love You BlogHer, Oh Yes I Doooooooo

I’m going to BlogHer this weekend and honestly, I really can’t be arsed to think about anything else!  (Sorry, students.  Good luck on your final, etc. etc.) This will be my third BlogHer, and I feel as excited about it and possessive of it as if I actually had something to do with it! ...more

You speak the truth re: women of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

But I am still ...more

A Little BlogHer Haiku, and How About You?

I can't stop thinking about BlogHer!  Also, I'm bored; my students are taking their summer session midterm exam. I like to write poetry when my students are busy.  Haiku requires me to shrink my thoughts down into a mathematical pattern that often leaves me with something profound.  Or not.  At any rate, here are a few from today's testing session, and if you comment, please share a Haiku or three of your own.  BlogHer rocks in every possible element!   ...more

The Season of Anticipation of the Season

Mamacita says:  We have entered that time of the year that is my very favorite:  the season of anticipation of the season.  Planning and preparing for the holidays is what I look forward to all the rest of the year!  I did most of my Christmas shopping in April!  My Christmas music has been in the cd player since the day after Halloween!  I'm pathetic.  This time of year makes me happy.  Just looking at the calendar makes me happy.  I am not made glad by just ANY calendar page, mind you; only ...more