Wreck It Ralph Review

I finally was able to watch the awesomeness that was Wreck It Ralph.  It is an overall great movie!  If you have ever had an affinity for video games, especially arcade games than this movie will hold a special place within your heart.  However, do not shy away just because you aren't interested in video games.  The voice cast features an all-star comedy cast and the story line is great and grabs your attention.  I definitely recommend checking out this wonderful Disney children's movie regardless of your age....more

Funny Business: A Comedy Writer's Dream

I love when something is really funny and makes me lol or laugh out loud. Like when I'm watching Modern Family...what a trip that show is. And not to toot my own horn, but my recent parody videos on YouTube of Flo from Progressive, Kim Kardashian, and others have me laughing a lot. (Which surprises me, because I am my own worst critic). Jimmy Fallon just gives that look into the camera and I die; what is it about him that just reeks of funniness?? Physical comedy always gets laughs too like Amy Poehler in Baby Mama or Melissa McCarthy in various shows....more
MelissaLogsdon The coffee never gets cheaper and sometimes you have to buy it for others too! :)more

(VIDEO) Wall of Fame: "Glee" Star Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) vs. the iPhone 4

Glee star Jane Lynch compares herself to the iPhone 4 (YouTube phenom KassemG) in a parody of every Apple commercial. ...more