What makes a productive community?

After listening to a TED Talk by Jane McGonigal I finally found the inspiration to write down what I think a healthy community website should look like. The communities I participate in are HItRecord and BlogHer. These communities work. [You could count Facebook and Twitter on there, but I would categorize those as more social networking, and you’ll see why in a minute.] These two sites have four common traits 1. Users must register to commennt ...more

Wish I'd read about Gordon-Levitt in your post before I went to SXSW. I would have made a point ...more

New Game Designed to EVOKE a Better World

Game designer Jane McGonigal wants you to help solve the world's most serious problems - by playing a game. It's a game she designed, called EVOKE, that is designed to enlist thousands of gamers around the world to collaborate online to devise solutions to hunger, water security, education and other serious problems. The game started March 3, but players can join at any time. Those who complete the series of 10 challenges have a chance to earn scholarships and mentorships to help bring their social innovation ideas to life. Here's the trailer: ...more

Thanks, Virginia. You are still my guru :-)

Kim Pearson