Dear January

January, you have been cold, dark and dreary, but I expected that. I fought your darkness with the fire of my ambition - starting a million challenges at once (well, OK, three) - new job, 30 days without alcohol, and the 30 day blogging challenge: Zero to Hero....more

Under Pressure?

Working well under pressure has become a way of life for me. You see, as a seasoned procrastinator one must learn to sink or swim under pressure. I believe for the most part there has been a lot of swimming, with a few epic fails thrown in for good measure. Working under pressure has almost an addictive quality, even while thinking about it I can feel the adrenaline surges taking place in my body. As an adrenaline junkie, maybe there is an addictive component? My choice to go back to school this past September felt so right....more

My First Blog Post Here.

 I have been looking at the NaBloPoMo and reading the posts for many months now but I have never had the nerve to join in.   Guess what?  I am joining in for January NaBloPoMo!  It's time.Why do I think it's time?  A few reasons.1. I have been afraid to try, afraid of failure.2. I want to try to expand the blog in 2012 and this seems like a good place to get ideas....more

Cyberstalking: Stalking Awareness Month Part IV

They Say Change is Inevitable Fifty percent of our four-member household is pretty much anti-change....more

Sharing Resources: Stalking Awareness Month Part III

Deciphering What's Real and What's Not Sometimes posts get noticed by PR firms, other social media platforms and pe...more

Crossing the Line: Stalking Awareness Month

Paranoia While I have never been stalked, at least I don't think I have, the mere thought of it unnerves...more

...and Here It Is!



The dawn of a new year is usually the time when we think about how we would like for things to be in our lives, make resolutions for change, and then make plans for the future.  In some respects, it might be compared to spring cleaning in January - get rid of what you don't want in order to make room for what you do want. Step One:  Love Yourself ...more

Register Today!

Welcome Ladies- The North Carolina Conference for Women needs you! The conference is an annual event for women from all across the state of North Carolina to come together and enjoy an exciting day filled with inspiration and timely issues that are of imporantance to women. The conference will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center on January 28, 2009.   Registration is now open! Check out for further details!   ...more