Sadako vs Kayako | 1:51 | Trailer #2

Another trailer for the movie Sadako vs Kayako. ...more

Sadako vs Kayako (2016)

According to Anime News Network, Sadako vs Kayako was originally a April's Fools joke. The movie was later confirmed to be real in December 2015. The movie will be released in Japan on June 18, 2016. Kōji Shiraishi directed it. ...more

The journeys in our travels and the voices in my head

 That is the thought that popped into my head the very first day in Japan and consumed me during the five weeks of my travels through Asia. The eight months I'd spent planning and getting ready for this adventure went by as fast as a whisper. Nothing sunk in until I landed in Tokyo, at Haneda International Airport precisely at 10:30pm....more

6 Simple Rules For Enjoying A Tokyo Sojourn

My family and I spent the summer in Tokyo, and the experience was a real jim-dandy.  On top of being a kick-ass new cultural experience for the kids, the whole trip was one colossal brain teaser for me [something my semi-atrophied, middle-aged melon could use, albeit in smaller doses.]In hindsight, I could've benefitted from a bit more advanced planning and research.  So here I am, to share some tips about getting the most out of an extended Tokyo stay.DO:...more

Taking the ferry from Kitakyushu to Osaka

When we decided to move back to my husband's hometown in Kyushu Japan after retirement, we were looking forward to traveling around this beautiful country. Having lived outside of Japan for more than thirty years, hubby was out of touch with things and just as much of a "foreigner" as I was. We had no idea that train travel within Japan was as expensive as it was.Jumping on a train every few months to go exploring wasn't really within our retirement budget. ...more

Black & White Sunday: Playtime

Miniatures in a neighborhood store...more

2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Japan

We're huge fans of Japanese food, so we're always anticipating what we'll order from the Japan Kiosk during the Food & Wine Festival. This is another kiosk where we tend to stick to the new stuff....more

"Once a PY, Forever a PY!"

What’s a PY?  Ask anyone who has participated in the Ship for World Youth (SWY) Program, sponsored by the Government of Japan, and they will automatically respond, “participant youth”.  At this very moment, over 100 SWY alumni are gathered in Peru participating in the ...more

200 Year Old Traditional Japanese Cake Shop, A Sweet & Short Ninja Baker Video

En route to visit the Great Buddha in Kamakura, Japan, the Ninja Baker stumbled upon Ebisu-Ya, a 200-year-old sweet shop.  (The seller of traditional Japanese cakes is located on Kamachi Road.) Celebrating spring, many Ebisu-Ya treats incorporate sakura cherry blossoms.  As well as sake rice wine!...more

Omiyage California Citrus Cake, #SundaySupper

 Are you obligated to bring your children, colleagues or your BFF gifts or souvenirs upon return from a trip? Are you required to bring a present when paying a formal visit to a friend or company?    ...more