Homemade Udon Noodles

You can easily make your own Japanese noodles at home, what you need is salt, water and flour. The noodles are chewy and full of texture, delicious and healthy!...more

Organized Madness (Review of "Lizard" by Banana Yoshimoto)

I read Kitchen, by the same author, several years ago. I liked many things about it but I didn't ...more

Soy and Sesame Glazed Scallops

I love recipes that take minutes to prepare and look so impressive; this is one of those!http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/soy-sesame-glazed-scallops/...more

Japanese Style Chicken Tenders

This is a variation of my Chicken Tenders Recipe, I mention it’s versatility and I do love to be right!http://lisagcooks.com/lisa-g-news/japanese-style-chicken-tenders/    ...more

Princess Jellyfish - Anime Review

Princess Jellyfish, is a quirky show, much like the name itself. I centers around the tents a apartment complex; who all happen to be otaku women.View Post...more

Unwrapping The Year With Omurice

Blue Gingko San Francisco

  Spider Roll and Volcano Roll ...more

Cookbook Review: Nancy Hachisu's Japanese Farm Food

There's a word in Japanese, subarashii (すばらしい), that means "splendid" or "magnificent," a fitting word to describe Nancy Singleton Hachisu's stunning cookbook Japanese Farm Food. From the moment you pick up this book and touch its indigo cloth spine, and feel the heft of almost 400 pages, you know there is something magical inside. Open the book and far from being disappointed, you are awed by the gentle beauty of the photos, the layout, of everything. This is a beautifully crafted work, clearly a labor of love, and reflective of a life rich in love, community, hard work, and great food....more

Discover why soba is so good for you