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Omurice (Omelette Rice)

Omurice is a popular contemporary Japanese fusion creation blending Western omelette and Japanese fried rice. It’s usually enjoyed at home but also can be found at many Western food diners in Japan. When there is leftover rice, it’s a perfect single plate meal to prepare the next day.The rice is usually pan-fried with ketchup and chicken, then wrapped in a thin sheet of egg omelette. From preparation to completion only takes a quick 20 minutes. It’s one of my children’s favorite meals with fried rice, eggs, and lots of ketchup....more
eww got to try this omelette...sounds so goodmore

Child Labor? My First Boss was My Parent

My parents owned a Japanese take-out restaurant in Tustin, CA, from the time I was 13 until 16. They were applying to get a permanent residency visa (aka, green card) during this time. It shouldn't have taken them four years, but a lousy immigration attorney ripped them off after two years and several thousand dollars. It took another two years and some more money to finally get their permanent residency status. They were, fortunately, able to sell the restaurant shortly thereafter....more

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