21 Ways to Savor a Grownup Halloween

If your kids don't see you taking a break from work and having some fun, they may never learn to relax! SO after you've paid your dues giving away countless chocolate bars, it's time to celebrate! ...more

All About Japanese Food

Welcome to "All About Japanese Food" !! Hello! My name is Kiyomi. I am in my thirties, live in Tokyo, with my husband and a 10month baby. I graduated Tsuji Culinary School majoring in Japanese cuisine. After finishing school I worked as an assistant at a home cooking school.Now I cook for my family and BLOG because... "Japanese food is not just SUSHI or TEMPURA, there are many home cooking meals that are healthy and tasty! I hope this blog open doors to your interest in Japanese cooking!! I am eager to become your Japanese Food Guide."...more
Welcome! I look forward to you becoming my favorite Japanese food guide!  I hope you share all ...more

All About Japanese Food

Japanese Food Guidehttp://cookandsmile.blogspot.jp/...more

Legend of second button from a uniform …

The legend started in the World War II where young Japanese soldiers would give their second buttons from their uniforms to their loved one for keepsakes. This custom is being practiced as we speak in Japan still. Most boys when they graduated from middle or high school have their 2nd button from their uniforms spoken for. In the case where more than one girls would ask for it, then he would give the 2nd button to the girl that he likes the most and the rest of the buttons to the others girls....more
In case you want to watch a drama that I was referring to ... ...more

No one wants to see your butt, especially birds

Walking to the grocery store the other day, I watched as a man took a final drag off his cigarette and then threw it onto the sidewalk. Sights like that are so common, seldom do they even register in my brain....more