Jetlag, Toilets, & Onsen. Oh My! Day 1 in Japan

                I generally don’t think that I suffer that much from excessive jetlag. I’ve done several transatlantic flights in my adult life and a few trips out to Hawaii have helped me establish my own tolerance levels. That does not mean in any way that I do not suffer from jetlag – unfortunately -, and with an 18 hour cross-America + transpacific  flight ahead of me I knew I was going to need a day or two to recoup my losses before I would be back up to full speed....more

Teaching My Asian Kids The Power of "No"

I come from a culture where the word no is a bit of a taboo.It's not that we don't have the wordno in Japanese. It is iie (pronounced ee-ee-yeh). The trouble is, we don't often come right out and say it. Our culture is really big on saving face, both our own and that of the other party, so to just say no without much padding around it is not very cool.So, we Japanese have perfected the art of beating around the bush....more
@Grace Hwang Lynch Thanks, Grace!more

Ryukyu Mura - Okinawa

Mark and I have been slacking on our "Oki to-do" list, but we got back on track this past weekend! It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we decided to take advantage of it. There's a little village, for lack of a better word, close to our house called Ryukyu Mura. I've referenced Conner Prairie before, but we keep finding places that remind me of it! This, too, has a bit of CP flair....more

For Japanese Men, Expressing Love via Shout-Outs

How do you express your love on Valentine's Day? For most Americans, giving loved ones chocolates and flowers symbolize their affection, but for some in Japan, they express it quite differently; they shout it out. Every year, at the end of January, hundreds of Japanese men line up in a public space and profess their love for their wives by screaming it out. In addition, these vocal declarations of love are televised for the public to see. Why do they do this? Does it work? ...more

A Chocolate Twist on the Classic Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, #SundaySupper Retro Recipes

“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already” The above quote is from  humourist and syndicated columnist Dave Barry....more