The Ninja Baker's Sake & Miso Salmon, Skinny #SundaySupper

Skinny #SundaySupper is the title of this week’s Twitter event on February 17th at 7pm ET.  (Hit the hashtag # sign and type in SundaySupper.) Instead of chats about the best uses of butter and heavy cream, the discussion will revolve around calorie-cutting dishes. ...more

All About Japanese Food

Welcome to "All About Japanese Food" !! Hello! My name is Kiyomi. I am in my thirties, live in Tokyo, with my husband and a 10month baby. I graduated Tsuji Culinary School majoring in Japanese cuisine. After finishing school I worked as an assistant at a home cooking school.Now I cook for my family and BLOG because... "Japanese food is not just SUSHI or TEMPURA, there are many home cooking meals that are healthy and tasty! I hope this blog open doors to your interest in Japanese cooking!! I am eager to become your Japanese Food Guide."...more
Welcome! I look forward to you becoming my favorite Japanese food guide!  I hope you share all ...more