Tom Cruise Has Taken Us For a Wild Motorcycle Ride. Is He Still Too Crazy to Love?

Tom Cruise is has been running faster than an action hero all over the media for the last few weeks, leaping from interview to interview, scaffolding press ops right and left. He's promoting Knight and Day -- but more than that, he's promoting the New Cruise, the one he wants us to like again. He wants to assure us that those awkward gossip-rag, bizarre-antics years are behind us. ...more

Just to be clear, I'm not condoning Sean Connery being a woman-beating ass. I didn't hear of ...more

So Leno Bombed at 10PM. NBC, Give An Hour to Broadway!

After watching Jay Leno's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show (the Goddess from which all blessings stem) I have a better understanding of the debacle NBC hath created and I have a great idea: NBC -- GIVE ONE 10:00 timeslot TO BROADWAY !! ...more

No lack of talent and opportunity to showcase an American art form, I just fear that no one ...more

NBC's Leno/O'Brien Debacle: Audiences Chuckle, Letterman Laughs

This NBC Leno/O'Brien late night brouhaha is better than "All My Children" in its heyday.  It's got everything:...more

You're so right, Deb.  Their best jokes are on Twitter!

Neither show was ...more

It's 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Funny Bone Is?

elizabeth: As a life coach, I do ask my clients if they are open minded enough to ask the universe questions before they go to sleep at night. I tell them at night their brains are quieter and the grey matter can regroup and consider their requests. ...more

Podcast: Interview with Comedians Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen

Recently I had the hilarious pleasure of doing a podcast interview with veteran comedians Tim Reid, of "WKRP in Cincinnati" fame and Tom Dreesen, a consummate standup comic and fixture on television and in comedy clubs across the country. I knew this podcast would be fun, I just didn't realize how much fun. I laughed so hard a few times it was hard to remember my questions. ...more

Jay Leno Crowned King of NBC: Winners and Losers

If you're a Jay Leno fan, NBC just gave you an extra hour and a half of sleep.  If you're not a Jay Leno fan, NBC just cut you out of about 23% of their primetime schedule.  That's because today NBC announced that comedian Jay Leno has cut a deal to do a show, suspiciously like his current "Tonight Show" in primetime at 10 PM.  And here's the kicker, five nights a week.  That means next fall, Jay Leno will be the King of NBC. ...more

I hear you, Becca.  Sounds like it's time to fire up your DVR and get busy recording stuff ...more

Michelle Obama Dons J.Crew on Leno!

Looks like Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama are still going head to head on the fashion front, and last night, Michelle stepped back into the political-fashionista spotlight while chatting with Jay ...more