Bringing Back the Good Stuff

I think it's time to bring back the beauty, the fun, the music, the song.Peggy Lee, George Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Bennie Goodman, Charlie Christian, Billie Holiday.... ...more

Inner Jazz

Day 2 Tempus Fugit…Lost in childhoodmy heart sending rhythmsthat are piercing the veil.Changing and notating chordsphrasing life’s wakein a soundless and lonely placeMy sacred soul callin’ meto set the sailwind caressing my facebeyond  every harmonic intent...more

Keeping Gender a Secret Based on a Book? How Long Will It Last?

I can imagine that'd be exhausting to try to hide the gender of your baby, yes, because it is almost the first question anyone asks. I sympathize with the couple to some extent -- it's true, as a culture we do expect very different things from boys and girls, some of us more than others. And even when you're aware of this and try not to impose silly and arbitrary expectations on your kids, you're still a product of your own social conditioning. You're also, however, a product of your biology....more

I guess the reason this doesn't sit well with me is because it's pretty clear -- at least from ...more

An Artist Loved Me Once

It's wonderful to be loved by an artist.  When they paint you over and over, it makes you feel beautiful.The painter and I were pen pals before we met.  My roommate was dating a sculptor.  The sculptor was friends with the painter, and voila!  I loved to get his letters.  I ran to the mailbox every day.  Each envelope was a work of art.  Even his signature was aesthetic--a swoop of a first initial, a period, then his last name.  You can fall in love with someone who writes you a lot.  Happens all the time these days.He sent me a b...more

If You Like Coldplay, Radiohead, Or Queen, Check Out The New Alternative Rock Band - Village Kid

I finally found an alternative rock band that stands out of the crowd called Village Kid. My favorite track is “Colourful Girl in a Black and White World”, you can get it and check it out here:  ...more

Ahmad Alaadeen and All That Jazz

 To honor the passing of the great KC jazz legend Ahmad Aladeen, I am posting a piece I wrote in February.  Alaadeen was a member of the City Light Orchestra when I first heard him play in the 1980s.  That jazz band was featured in the post titled "The Christopher Hogwood Story or When Worlds Collide" which recounts a long night of the best live music I've ever heard in my life. Read this brief article in The KC Star to know more about Alaadeen's remarkable life an...more

A Sunday Kind of Love: Roast Chicken, Mashed Parsnips and Southern Collard Greens

“… I don’t want a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday or SaturdayOh nothing but Sundayoh yea I want a Sunday Sunday I want a Sunday kind of love Oh yea Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of loooove.”- The Etta James version, A Sunday Kind of Love...more

It's Jazz Appreciation Month!

I started loving jazz in my parent's house, when they would play swing music and dance around the living room to Duke Ellington, or when my mother's dusky voice would start singing "Mood Indigo" as she did the dishes. ...more

Ah, I wondered if you'd weigh in you area fan ...thanks for commenting! Jazz on!
Mata ...more

Kenny Rankin

Watching the “In Memoriam” segment of the Grammy Awards, I was shocked to see the name of singer/guitarist “Kenny Rankin” roll by.  He passed away in June 2009....more

New Multi-Cultural Educational/Entertainment show begins airing Sept. 5

Hey all you Music lovers out there! What do The Jazz Crusaders, India.Arie, Wyclef Jean, Amy Grant, CECE Winans, Roberta Flack, Donnie McClurkin and Jon Secada have in common? They are all performing, showing their videos, interviewing and/or appearing on the all new multi-cultural music television show, Yhur Music TV  (not spelled Your Music TV, its spelled YHUR Music TV) coming your way this season! ...more