It's All In Your Tone Of Voice

The conversation always goes a little something like this: "Hello, may I please speak to Bob?" "That would be my husband. MayI help you?" "May I leave a message for him?"*a slight tightening of the voice, maybe even a frostiness that wasn't fully apparent comes fully into play* "Yes." "Would you ask him to call back to speak to us about his account please? And do you need our number?" ...more

Friendly Husband, Chilly Wife. Now What?

There's a couple I've known for a few years.  We have lots of mutual friends and see each often at various social events.  We're also neighbors.  In theory, we could get together on our own, and not just rely on others to get us together.  Except there's one problem.  I don't think the wife likes me.  It's awkward. ...more