Jeans are Mean

I woke up this morning, got in the shower and hurry, hurried out the door. In my rush to get everybody everywhere I had grabbed a pair of jeans off the folding table thinking they were mine. As I was driving and drinking my cappuccino my snug jeans were not so snug. As I looked down, I noticed instead of my jeans being tight around my hips they were baggy and the denim was darker. What the (still in the eye crusted state of morning)heck? HA HA.. I WAS WEARING MY HUBBY'S JEANS!!! ...more

Easy updates for your casual closet

Josi has a question: "I am having the hardest time this year getting motivated for the move from shorts and tank tops to pants and whatever! It's back to school time, and I want to look cute picking up the kids, carting them around to lessons and practices.....cute but PRACTICAL. I have no problem getting way dressed up, but need ideas for outfits to wear just running around town...any ideas (I am in Texas so it is still pretty hot)." ...more

I guess i ruined my comment with my subject line, but seriously, those gap pants are awesome ...more

I am not pregnant!!!!

Are you pregnant? I am not...and this is a post about why I am not pregnant!! 2008/09/i-am-not-pregnant.html ...more

Solving my denim dilemma at TJ Maxx

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and TJ Maxx. Like many of you, I have one hell of a time finding jeans. It seems like it shouldn't be so difficult -- there are a million different styles, and all I need is ONE PAIR. But, I have a few, uh, let's say quirks that make shopping tough: ...more

Those look GREAT on you!

I agree, shopping for jeans is a killer...but you seem to have ...more

Refashionistas: What To Do With Jeans

It's been a while since I've done written about the refashionistas, those creative, frugal fashion crafters who take older, unworn clothes and thrift-store finds, cut, paint, sew, style, and design great new functional items from them.  A gold-mine of ideas for used jeans can be found at WiseBread's post: Twenty-five Things to Do With Old Jeans by Myscha Theriault. Let's examine some of her ideas: ...more

That's quite a list! You're probably familiar with the African American quilters of Gee's ...more

I Want

I want to be inspiring I want a Pop-Tart I want to have long hair I want a SUV with third row seating I want for people to like me I want to shoot a semi-automatic weapon I want some pain killers for this headache I want to be a better person I want laser hair removal I want to be a genius I want my daughter to be happy and feel loved I want to create I want to take a nap I want my boobs to be one size bigger I want to be productive I want to go to Spain I want my dog to stop itching all the time I want my baby to have all the coolest baby stuff I want to play the violin ...more

Refashioned Blue Jeans

I have 2 pair of jeans that fit me. That's all.  Two pair I bought on sale at Ross because my old jeans could not be worn in public anymore without a threat of embarrassing me. When I bought these jeans, I did not spend a lot of time, thought, or cash making the decision beyond the "they fit in the waist and hips" check.  ...more


This really somewhat understated embroidery. It's only about 2" wide along the ...more

Fancy Pants!

Meet my new best friend: Indi jeans is a new arrival to the premium jeans market, but is different from the others - each pair of jeans is custom designed and then tailored to your body. Indi offers both men's and women's jeans and offers a ton style possibilities; boot cut, flare, capri, tapered, flap pocket, fading, material, color, and on and on and on! ...more

What to wear to casual holiday gatherings

The other night, as she was getting ready for the BlogHer holiday gathering, our own Debra Roby asked Twitter for some fashion advice: "Can I get away with jeans and flat shoes at a party, if the top is really, really hot??" Answer: why yes she can! And so can you, if you do it right. Joe's Jeans, Bluefly, $95.00 ...more

A great pair of jeans paired with a festive top and cute shoes. Why not? Great post and great ...more

Basic doesn't mean boring, or avoiding The Uniform

Now that your closet is clean (your closet IS clean, isn't it?), it's time to talk about basic wardrobing pieces. The basics are the building blocks of your wardrobe, essential pieces that you can mix and match with virtually everything else in your closet to create a look that will work every day. The basics are NOT a complete wardrobe by themselves, although you CAN wear them together; instead, think of them as a foundation that you can use to build a look that is distinctly yours. Let's start with the most basic of basics: the white shirt and blue jeans. ...more

You can find ones that actually hang from the shower rod. I've seen some stackable ones that dry ...more