When a Jehovah's Witness Grows Up to Be an Atheist

After all this time, all these years, all these degrees of separation —a mere knock guides me to shedded enemies. It was midmorning when a pair of shadows alerted me to some unexpected presences. I think I knew before I knew, my gut clenching beyond the usual spasm of social anxiety....more
SKirkconnell M.M.J. Gregory in_mandyland Metoo LOL! I always did a lap or two around the ...more

My Dad... I Cried All the Way Home.

It hardly seems possible but it has been 19 years since the death of my father.  To be accurate, it will be 19 years on the 5th of May.  At this time, it is Dad that I keep thinking about.  We live on but that which is in the past seems to return and visits us every year.  ...more