Jenna Jameson...The nanny debate...and childhood bullies

I was reading the TMZ comment section under photos of Jenna Jameson and her babies. People were posting such horrible comments about Jenna AND her babies. WTF? Most of the comments had to do with Jenna's kids being teased when they get older. How about THIS... how about we teach children that teasing and making fun of others is WRONG?!?! How about parents do their job and teach their children the way to treat others? ...more

Porn Star Joyous After Getting Rid of Implants

What does it mean when the Queen of Porn is happy to get rid of her implants? Jenna Jameson, the brightest star in the porn universe, whose iconic status in adult films brought her cross-over name-recognition and mainstream appeal, is quitting the industry, reports US Weekly . To show the world she means it, she visited plastic surgeon Garth Fisher on August 1 and had her implants taken out. In an interview with US Weekly, Jameson says: ...more

I hadn't thought about the movie issue. Something tells me the movie will feel more like her ...more