Cross Post: Reliving the Sorrow All Over Again

With the current trial going on in reference to the Hudson murders, I began to reminisce and remembered the commentary I wrote when that terrible tragedy first happened. I felt the need to take a quick hiatus from this month’s topic to re-post this blog post I wrote from October 27, 2008....more
I am so sorry for your loss... I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you... losing a ...more

Lunch at Mar-a-Lago with The Donald

(To see the fabulous photos that go with this text, please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone") Palm Beach, I’ve noticed, is like Disney World for grown-ups—everything is bigger, better, cleaner, fancier (and more expensive) than in the real world. The latest example came yesterday (Sunday) when we were invited to lunch at the Mar-a-Logo Club by a friend who is a member. (The cost, I’m told, is $150,000 initiation fee and $75,000 each year after that.) ...more

Grammy Highlights, Lowlights, and a Gaga/Madonna Mashup!?

Last night's Grammy show was a musical knockout. There were stars galore, one bang up performance after another, and oh yeah, a couple of awards thrown in. Christina Aguilera nearly fell on her face, Mick Jagger proved age ain't slowin' him down and Esperanza Spalding proved that Bieber fever isn't as deadly as it seems. ...more


Glad to have been able to give you a laugh!



Whitney Houston's Come Back. Have You?

Whitney Houston, Mickey Rourke, Jennifer Hudson, Mackenzie Phillips: What comes to mind when you hear these celebrities names? I know the one I hear. It's "comeback." When Jennifer Hudson sang at the Super Bowl at the beginning of this year, the media went wild with Hudson comes back headlines, and they should have. If you had faced what Hudson faced--your mother, brother, and nephew all murdered in the same day--could you have gone before millions less than three months later to sing? ...more

I knew you'd have some provocative thoughts on picking yourself up in spite of what people ...more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month a Year After the Hudson Murders

Last year during national Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I mean exactly one year ago on October 28, 2008, I wrote about one of the most disturbing cases with a connection to domestic violence the nation had seen in a while. A tale of horror unfolded, the murders of the mother, brother and young nephew of acclaimed actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. The alleged perpetrator, her sister's estranged husband William Balfour, was later arrested. ...more

Amy I too am speechless.  Being beaten into submission hardly galvanizes the spirit for ...more

Michael Jackson's last ride through Los Angeles

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop took his last ride through Los Angeles today, starting early this morning with a funeral caravan from his family's home in Encino, California, escorted by police guards across the 101 freeway to a private service held at Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood Hills. ...more

Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson & Lil Wayne Among 2009 Grammy Winners

Big winners at last night's 51st annual Grammy Awards were Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Coldplay, Lil Wayne and Jennifer Hudson.   But before last night's televised portion of the awards even started there was big news about two performers who were scheduled to appear on the show.  R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested after a domestic violence complaint by his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,330,592652,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

Hi Nordette,

Let's hope hip hip crosses a lot of thresholds.  The first one being from ...more

Balancing Safety With Support

I spent the last couple of days hoping against hope that the Jennifer Hudson story would not develop into a tragedy beyond comprehension.  Like a lot of you I could not stop constantly checking for updates to the story while becoming increasingly despondent as the story emerged.  This was particularly poignant for me as a manger of domestic violence programs for a non=profit that specializes in addressing the speicifc needs of women.  Lately myself and my colleagues have been involved in a never ending discussion of how to provide suport for dv victims while still dealing with some of th ...more

you get my utmost respect for the work you're doing in the non-prof... DV is hard to ...more

The Jennifer Hudson Tragedy in Domestic Violence Awareness Month

When I first heard the news that Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, 57, and her brother, Jason Hudson, had been found shot to death in Donerson's south side Chicago home, I thought it was heartbreaking news and possibly a case of a criminal casing the home, breaking in, and losing control. That's because I didn't hear that her 7-year-old nephew was missing. ...more

Domestic violence is a major issue in america today and all over the world. It's sad how it ...more