I Used Jennifer Lawrence's Stolen Images to Teach My Kids About Internet Security

A few days ago, nude pictures of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kate Upton, Lea Michele, Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and others showed up online. I happened to see them on a friend's Twitter account. When I saw them, I was like, "no way those are real." But apparently they were. ...more
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Privacy in a Celebrities World

You know what really pisses me off? "If you don't want naked pictures leaked, you shouldn't take them." If you've paid any attention to the news lately, then you know about the nude photos of some of today's biggest celebrities that was stolen from the iCloud app....more

#IfMyPhoneGotHacked and Jennifer Lawrence: Let's Admit We Care about Privacy

Despite Biz Stone's optimism about the good things Twitter can accomplish in his new book Things a Little Bird Told Me, the reality of the site is that if you start a hashtag, you have a 50/50 chance of it being misused and abused, as is the case with #IfMyPhoneGotHacked.  Let me take that back... it's more like 20/80.  For a small number of people, that hashtag is a statement about their desire for privacy.  For many many others, it's a chance to share the dick pics they've been dying for someone to find on their phone, missing the point completely. ...more

Through My Eyes: Body Image, Jennifer Lawrence & The Media

(Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.)In the past few days, a certain Huffington Post article has appeared in my Facebook news feed....more

Some of my Fave discoveries from Today

Today I spent some time sumbling around the internet, scrolling through pins on Pinterest. (this website is a life sucker but I LOVE it sooo much.) This was, of course, after I had done some work for the day. I edited writings and photo's, made notes, organized my writings and planned out some future creative prompts. So, I got to enjoy some internet playtime. Here are some cool things I found....more

Old Hollywood Glamour Waves Make a Red Carpet Comeback

In lieu of tight updos and loads of hairspray, this year's award show season has surprisingly seen an abundance of soft, natural looking waves reminiscent of the 1920's. I love the combination of seemingly no-fuss hair and an ultra glamorous dress! The best part of this trend- is that we normal folk can wear it in our every day lives! ...more

Jennifer Lawrence and Vanity Fair Sexism

Vanity Fair Magazine has proclaimed Jennifer Lawrence the most desirable woman in the world.  I hope Jennifer is annoyed about it.  She is definitely the hot actress of the moment, but she is also smart, brainy, self-confident, outspoken and funny.  On the Vanity Fair cover she holds a little white daisy.  It doesn't fit.  The person does not fit the title and the title does not match the image. ...more

The Hunger Games — on Film

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